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5 Low Debt, Small Cap Dividend Stocks Pulling In Profits

Published Thu, 13 Sep 2012 09:40:18 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

Dividend stocks at the small-cap level can fit the bill for investors who are looking for both growth and additional income. Especially, if the dividend stocks offer moderate to high yields. To find small-cap dividend stocks that appear to be well positioned for growth, we first looked at profit and took a close look at both the rate of income generated from assets as well as operational efficiency. All of the companies in our list today have the positive attribute of increasing profitability over time. We then focused on debt ratios to find companies that have manageable to negligible debt. By keeping debt... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
ECA MARCELLUS TRUST I 1.36   0.0 0.00 0.15 11.27
MESABI TRUST 24.73   7.3 3.37 0.84 3.57
COMPUTER PROGRAMS AND SYSTEMS 23.81   18.0 1.32 0.40 1.71
GOLD RESOURCE 3.73   0.0 0.00 0.02 0.55


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