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My Third Quarter Portfolio Review - Focus On Dividend Growth And Quality

Published Mon, 17 Oct 2016 23:03:05 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

I am pleased to present my 3rd Quarter 2016 portfolio review. Portfolio reviews are conducted each quarter per our business plan and help further clarify our approach to income investing. This review should be read as representing an approach that best matches our personal risk tolerance.
As I continue to highlight actions taken, keep in mind that all my holdings are in non-taxable accounts.
My portfolio finished the quarter with 48 holdings yielding roughly 4.2% at today's cost. Each holding represents less than 4% of the overall portfolio, with most positions under 2%.
My portfolio continues to be constructed as it has been starting in 2011 from the lists of Dividend Champions, Challengers and Contenders (CCCs) maintained by Seeking Alpha Contributor David Fish and available here. Nearly every stock selected from this list has the distinction of not only maintaining its dividend during the bear market of 2008, but also growing it each year, with most growing at a rate greater than inflation. I have made my quarterly reviews, including buy and sell decisions, available on Seeking Alpha for your review each quarter since 2012.
I am a retiree who, unlike most contributors on Dividend Growth investing, built my portfolio after retirement. I did so in part because I didn't feel comfortable with the mix of stock and bond index funds recommended by our advisers at the time of our retirement. My goal from the start has been to construct and maintain a portfolio that... Read more