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ETF Monkey Focus: Equity - Dividend Growth ETFs

Published Thu, 26 Jan 2017 10:07:34 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

In previous articles in the ETF Monkey Focus series, I have featured U.S. Total Market ETFs as well as S&P 500 ETFs. Such ETFs form a wonderful foundation or core for the portion of your portfolio dedicated to U.S. stocks; S&P 500 ETFs if you prefer to stay with large-cap stocks and Total Market ETFs if you wish to include the entire U.S. market, including small-cap and even micro-cap stocks.
Note to New Readers: If you are new to the "ETF Monkey Focus" series of articles, please see this article for some helpful introductory information. It highlights the criteria I used for ETFs to be included in the series as well as common features that I hope will make these articles very useful tools for an investor as they begin their research. This article brings the total to 24 ETFs I have covered in this series. As I feature in another previous article, you may wish to enhance your portfolio by ensuring that you receive a consistent flow of dividends. In the case of a retiree, such funds may be used to generate regular income to cover their expenses. In the case of a younger investor, they may simply wish to have a regular stream of funds that can, in effect, "feed" the portfolio; available to invest in any asset class they see fit.
If this sounds desirable, you may wish to add to your core one or more ETFs that focus on dividend-paying stocks. Broadly speaking, these fall into two categories: 1). High Dividend Yield and, 2). Dividend Growth. As can... Read more