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The Most Popular Stocks In Dividend-Focused Mutual Funds

Published Mon, 30 Jan 2017 14:22:36 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

Two Heads are Better Than One!
I love finding out which stocks are held in other folks' dividend portfolios!

When I first started investing in dividend growth stocks, I analyzed the public portfolios of various Seeking Alpha authors to discover which DGI stocks were held in the most portfolios. I dubbed the results "The Sweet Sixteen," and at the time, I invested in all 16 stocks except Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT).
In early 2015, I followed up on my "Sweet Sixteen" survey by expanding the number of Seeking Alpha authors' portfolios studied. In addition to compiling the stocks these authors were actually invested in, I also reported on the DGI stocks they recommended. If you are looking to "crowdsource" stalwart DGI investing ideas, check out "The DGI Factual 48 versus the Favored 44." It includes the original "Sweet Sixteen" list as well.
To help ensure that my portfolio (and watch list) hasn't overlooked an attractive DGI stock, this time I decided to survey the ten largest holdings of 21 dividend-oriented mutual funds. The goal was to determine which DGI stocks are most-widely held by well paid "active" mutual fund managers. (Note: This analysis does not include "passive" dividend-focused index funds or ETFs. My goal was to find out what mutual fund managers invest in when they use their judgment, not when they default to a market-weighted formula!)
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