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National Research Leads 'Safe' Dividend Healthcare Dogs By Yield, Aceto Leads By Gains, In February

Published Sat, 11 Feb 2017 13:53:16 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

The Dividend Dogs Rule
The "dog" moniker was earned by stocks exhibiting three traits: (1) paying reliable, repeating dividends, (2) their prices fell to where (3) yield (dividend/price) grew higher than their peers. Thus, the highest yielding stocks in any collection became known as "dogs." More specifically, these are, in fact, best called, "underdogs".

Which Industries Show Up As "Safe" In The Healthcare Sector?
Eight of ten healthcare industries composing the sector, were represented by those 40 firms whose dividends were bolstered by adequate cash as of February 6. The industry representation broke-out, thus: Diagnostics & Research (7); Drug Manufacturers - Major (9); Biotechnology (5); Medical Distribution (3); Healthcare Plans (3); Medical Devices (4); Medical Care (3); Medical Instruments & Supplies (6).
Top ten healthcare sector dogs showing the widest safety margin of cash to cover dividends by this screen as of September 15 represented seven industries: (1) Diagnostics & Research with one stock; (2) Biotechnology with one stock; (3) Drug Manufacturers had two representatives; (4) Medical Care with one company; (5) Healthcare Plans had one listed; (6) Medical Distribution had three firms; (7) Medical Instruments & Supplies had one representative in the top ten by widest margin.
Healthcare Firms With "Safe" Dividends

Periodic Safety Inspection
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