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The Super Dividend Champions (2017 Edition)

Published Wed, 23 Aug 2017 14:22:45 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

The Value of History Investors often get very involved with day to day news, and regular transactions. In order to know if you're being true to your goals and true to your trading systems, you need to look back. It's especially prudent to look back at your thinking and your reasons for investing.
Know yourself, know your thinking.
In 2013, I spent a huge amount of time reviewing Dividend Champions and trying to find a "better way" - and one that fit my personal investing goals. I wanted to find Dividend Champions that were the "best of the best" and would likely stay at the top.
In a nutshell here's the process I followed:
Downloaded David Fish's Dividend Champion Spreadsheet Rearranged 9 columns of data (Chowder, Tweed, Div Yield, EPS % Payout, Past 5 Years Div Growth, A/D Ratio, Payback Years, Price Above Low, Confidence Factor) Summarized the 9 columns into a single number Ranked all the Champions based on the Super Dividend Champion Number You can probably already feel the value here. That's because I was taking the variables that mattered the most to me, then I created a single powerful data point, then I put them in order.
This process took maybe 20-30 minutes of time but it instantly helped me to eliminate hundreds of possible choices. Fewer choices meant that I could increase my focus on companies that mattered the most to me. Plus, I always enjoy throwing companies into the Too Hard Pile saving time and effort.... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
TARGET 75.41   15.8 4.78 2.48 3.22
MCDONALDS 157.74   24.8 6.36 4.04 2.47
AFLAC 88.88   8.1 11.01 2.08 2.29
DONALDSON 47.46   26.8 1.77 0.72 1.47


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