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Dividend Sensei's Portfolio Update 13: Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

Published Mon, 11 Dec 2017 14:34:49 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

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First, let me be very clear that this is my personal portfolio tailored to my specific financial situation, risk profile, time horizon, and personality traits. I am not recommending anyone mirror this portfolio, which is merely designed to show my unique, rule-based, methodical approach to value-focused, long-term, dividend growth investing.
My situation is unique, as, though only 31, I'm already retired (medical retirement from the Army), thus making this portfolio an income-focused retirement portfolio (though in a taxable account). I'm also working full time (self-employed), and thus have an external source of income to continually add to this portfolio. I do not plan to actually tap the portfolio's income stream for 20-25 years, when I plan to move my family (and help support my parents) to the promised land of my people...Sarasota, Florida.
What this portfolio can be used for is investing ideas; however this portfolio includes high-, low-, as well as medium-risk stocks, so it's up to each individual to do their own individual research and decide which, if any, of my holdings are right for you.
For a detailed explanation of my methodology, please read my introductory article to the EDDGE 3.0 portfolio.
What Happened This Week One of my new friends, (a fellow Army vet), recently told me his inspirational story that exemplifies how, with enough time, patience, and effort, financial independence is attainable by almost anyone.
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Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
GOLAR LNG PARTNERS LP 11.58   18.7 0.62 1.62 13.80
DYNAGAS LNG PARTNERS LP 1.53   0.0 -0.12 0.25 12.50
NEW RESIDENTIAL INVESTMENT 16.59   11.7 1.42 2.00 12.10
GASLOG PARTNERS LP 21.21   14.4 1.47 2.20 10.42
DELEK LOGISTICS PARTNERS LP 30.96   12.1 2.56 3.28 10.30
SABRA HEALTHCARE REIT 19.75   27.0 0.73 1.80 9.14
STARWOOD PROPERTY TRUST 22.62   17.5 1.29 1.92 8.47
OMEGA HEALTHCARE INVESTORS 36.40   27.6 1.32 2.64 7.20
MAIN STREET CAPITAL 40.96   14.2 2.89 2.40 5.91
EPR PROPERTIES 78.82   21.1 3.74 4.50 5.82
MEDICAL PROPERTIES TRUST 18.42   6.8 2.71 1.00 5.49
LTC PROPERTIES 45.78   11.8 3.89 2.28 5.04
EVEREST RE GROUP 251.60   43.7 5.76 5.60 2.25
J2 GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS 83.79   29.2 2.87 1.82 2.09


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