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11.7% Yield Positioned For Rising Rates And Ready To Rally

Published Wed, 13 Jun 2018 05:52:02 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

Business development companies ("BDCs") were pulling back (since May 2017) and as mentioned in "BDC Buzz Begins Purchases Of Higher Quality BDCs," I have been buying additional shares of higher-quality BDCs, especially given the oversold conditions driving higher yields. As shown below, TriplePoint Venture Growth (TPVG) currently has a much higher yield than the average BDC:

Seeking Alpha has decided to make articles such as this one available for the first 10 days only. The following articles are still available (for free) to all readers:
"9.6% Dividend Yield And Trading 15% Below Book Value" "8.3% Dividend Yield 'Safe Enough For Your Grandma' And Positioned For Rising Rates" "Solar Senior Capital: 8.4% Dividend Yield Covered Through Fee Waivers" Since March 1, 2018, the average BDC has easily outperformed the S&P 500 even before taking into account dividends paid. I am expecting BDCs to continue higher for many reasons, including:
Rising interest rates and portfolio yields Poorly managed BDCs taken over and turned around Recent insider purchases Relaxed regulations and tax reform The recently announced Q1 2018 results reported by most BDCs included higher portfolio yields and management guidance for increased portfolio growth potential in 2018. Also, many BDCs reported higher-than-expected earnings and dividend coverage with increased net interest margins.

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