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10 Upcoming Dividend Increases Including A 42% Raise

Published Thu, 20 Sep 2018 10:07:45 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

Introduction I love dividend stocks that grow their dividends year in and out. I've created a list of stocks that grow their dividends and happen to be increasing them next week.
This list is a trimmed down version only covering dividend increases. A full upcoming dividend calendar is available here.
The information presented below was created by combining the "U.S. Dividend Champion" spreadsheet hosted here, with upcoming dividend information from the Nasdaq. This meshes metrics about companies with dividend growth history with upcoming dividend payments (and whether those payments are increasing). These companies all have a minimum 5-year dividend growth history.
Why Should I Care? Dividend increases are one of the most outward signs by management as to how business is going. Dividend yields also don't live in isolation; share prices tend to follow increases as investors will move into a stock to claim the new payments. All else being equal, a 10% dividend hike should see approximately a 10% share price appreciation over time as the market adjusts to the higher payment. This produces a great flywheel effect whereby an investor can increase their income and see the face value of their investment increase.
Especially for retirees not receiving paychecks, dividend increases help cushion the never-ending force of inflation. As an added bonus, companies that grow their dividends by a rate greater than inflation can help investors improve their wealth... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
UMPQUA 16.80   10.4 1.62 0.84 5.09
STATE STREET 56.29   9.4 5.97 1.88 3.43
INGREDION 81.79   14.3 5.73 2.50 3.13
ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS 150.00   20.0 7.51 4.00 2.61
EASTGROUP PROPERTIES 116.57   50.9 2.29 2.88 2.43
BANCFIRST 58.02   14.7 3.94 1.20 2.19
MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL 54.89   24.7 2.22 1.04 1.89
AMERICAN TOWER 205.56   67.8 3.03 3.68 1.76
REPUBLIC SERVICES 88.04   27.9 3.16 1.50 1.71