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Dividend Sensei's Portfolio Update 54: 3 Reasons I Love Rising Interest Rates

Published Tue, 09 Oct 2018 12:27:28 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

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Note that due to reader requests, I've decided to break up my weekly portfolio updates into three parts: commentary, economic update, and portfolio summary, stats, and watch lists. This is to avoid excessively long articles and maximize the utility to my readers.
This week's commentary looks at whether or not record corporate debt could trigger another financial crisis and stock market meltdown.
This week's economic update explains the four reasons why interest rates are soaring and what it means for investors.
Introduction First, let me be very clear that this is my personal portfolio tailored to my specific financial situation, risk profile, time horizon, and personality traits. I am not recommending anyone mirror this portfolio. My situation is that I'm about to turn 32 but consider this portfolio an income-focused retirement one (though in a taxable account, so I can use modest amounts of margin).
I'm also working full-time (self-employed) and thus able to continually add to this portfolio. I do not plan to actually tap the portfolio's income stream for 14 to 20 years when I plan to move my family (and help support my parents) to the promised land of my people (retired dividend investors): Coastal Florida.
What this portfolio can be used for is investing ideas; however, this portfolio includes high-, low-, as well as medium-risk stocks, so it's up to each individual to do their own individual research and... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
IRON MOUNTAIN 35.17   27.7 1.27 2.44 6.96
TANGER FACTORY OUTLET CENTERS 20.53   46.7 0.44 1.42 6.86
KIMCO REALTY 18.15   17.8 1.02 1.12 6.18
ENBRIDGE 36.50   31.5 1.16 2.22 6.07
EPR PROPERTIES 76.39   23.4 3.27 4.50 5.92
ALTRIA GROUP 56.55   15.4 3.68 3.20 5.72
LTC PROPERTIES 45.52   11.7 3.89 2.28 5.06
PEMBINA PIPELINE 36.46   20.7 1.76 1.73 4.69
SHAW COMMUNICATIONS 20.59   114.4 0.18 0.90 4.36
CARDINAL HEALTH 47.56   0.0 -0.08 1.91 3.92
REALTY INCOME 73.25   58.1 1.26 2.71 3.73
ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS 142.04   18.7 7.60 4.00 2.82
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS 107.11   19.1 5.60 3.08 2.81
STARBUCKS 72.30   32.1 2.25 1.44 2.00
COMCAST 39.18   15.6 2.52 0.84 1.93
AO SMITH 51.68   20.0 2.58 0.88 1.70
FEDEX 172.07   12.7 13.56 2.60 1.49


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