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10 Dividend Growth Stocks For October 2018

Published Mon, 22 Oct 2018 09:49:47 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

The CCC list is a wonderful resource for Dividend Growth Investors. Created by the late Dave Fish and now maintained by Justin Law, the CCC list contains nearly 900 stocks trading on U.S. exchanges with the distinction of having paid higher dividends for at least 5 consecutive years.
With my monthly 10 Dividend Growth Stocks series, I rank a subset of stocks from the CCC list and present the 10 top-ranked stocks for further research.
Last month I ranked 240 stocks, significantly more than I normally do!
Ranking so many stocks revealed a shortcoming in my ranking system. It does a poor job ranking REITs (real estate investment trusts) relative to stocks in other sectors. The main reason is that my ranking system referenced fundamental data in the CCC spreadsheet, which does not provide REIT-appropriate metrics such as NAV (net asset value) and FFO (funds from operations).
One advantage of ranking 240 stocks is that it allowed me to review the top-ranked dividend growth stocks by sector. If you did not read that article, I think it is worth a look! It is particularly useful for dividend growth investors looking to diversify their portfolios by sector.
Seeing the 10 top-ranked stocks by sector was so useful that I decided to rework my ranking system to be sector-focused. In the future, I want to rank stocks relative to sector peers.
This month I'm debuting my new sector-oriented ranking system. While it is still a work in progress, I wanted to test the new... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
DOMINION RESOURCES 78.54   53.8 1.46 3.67 4.77
CONSOLIDATED EDISON 90.19   21.4 4.21 2.96 3.31
UGI 49.31   26.4 1.87 1.30 2.67
EVERSOURCE ENERGY 82.86   30.6 2.71 2.14 2.61
WISCONSIN ENERGY 91.55   26.5 3.46 2.36 2.61
XCEL ENERGY 63.07   25.7 2.45 1.62 2.57
SOUTHWEST GAS 91.84   24.2 3.79 2.18 2.43
IDACORP 109.61   24.7 4.43 2.52 2.35
NEXTERA ENERGY 220.74   31.7 6.96 5.00 2.29
ATMOS ENERGY 109.44   25.9 4.23 2.10 1.93
CHESAPEAKE UTILITIES 93.60   25.6 3.66 1.62 1.75
AMERICAN WATER WORKS 121.76   37.8 3.22 2.00 1.66
AMERICAN STATES WATER 90.79   44.1 2.06 1.22 1.37


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