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Dividend Update - November 2018

Published Fri, 07 Dec 2018 01:59:39 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

November was a busy month. Lots of family events to go to. It has been nice to relax and unwind a bit before everything gets hectic in December. Free capital has been tight, so I have been unable to purchase any new shares. Lots of expenses coming up at year end or the beginning of next year that I need to save up for. However, even if no new purchases are made, my portfolio was working for me by collecting and reinvesting dividends.
Let's see how many dividends were generated in November.
Dividends T - $52.87
HCP - $20.26
NNN - $15.39
GIS - $12.99
HRL - $5.80
O - $6.73
LTC - $3.45
ABBV - $30.08
November dividends add up to $147.57, which represents an 82.9% increase from last year, where I made $80.68. Below are some charts from my portfolio page to better visualize the results.

There were a lot of factors that went into this big growth number. Mainly, new capital being added. Last year, I did not own ABBV. You can see I started a position with them early in the year and have added to it a few times since then. This equates to about 37% of the growth in itself.
Second, I added to my position in T. It has not been performing the best this year. There have been many dips in share price, but that just means more opportunity to buy and lower cost basis. There was a lot of uncertainty earlier this year that was surrounding the acquisition of TWX, I took the opportunity on the dips to purchase more. Most of my smaller purchases... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
AT&T 32.19   12.0 2.68 2.04 6.42
ABBVIE 79.82   22.9 3.49 4.28 5.39
LTC PROPERTIES 45.22   11.6 3.89 2.28 4.97
HCP 31.02   13.7 2.26 1.48 4.68
REALTY INCOME 68.31   51.0 1.34 2.71 3.92
NATIONAL RETAIL PROPERTIES 52.53   35.3 1.49 2.00 3.76
GENERAL MILLS 52.71   20.7 2.55 1.96 3.74
HORMEL FOODS 39.72   22.7 1.75 0.84 2.11

AT&T - T
AT&T - T  

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