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5 Great Dividend Picks To Start Off 2019

Published Wed, 09 Jan 2019 19:06:40 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

In a period of rising interest rates, yield-oriented stocks tend to be less-favorable than some other alternatives out there, but with the current market volatility, they can provide investors with some sense of stability and consistent (and usually growing) cash flows. As 2019 begins to rev up, investors might be looking for ways to reposition their portfolios and for those who want a taste of high-yield players, I have laid out five prospects that they should consider. All five of these firms offer yields in excess of 4% (with the five offering an average yield of 6.7%), but they are also players with solid financials and whose business models appear to offer little significant long-term risk to shareholders.
My methodology
It's worth mentioning some important points before we dive any deeper into the five names I chose for this article. Namely, these are not the companies I've identified with the highest yields, nor are they the only players who offer relative safety for investors. Instead, these are companies where I believe an investor could invest, go into a 10-year coma, wake up from it, and not have to worry much about whether at least four of the five chosen (assuming all five would be invested in through a diversified approach) are still paying out and likely growing their payments over time. Naturally, unforeseeable circumstances can always arise, like fraud or a major economic collapse, but absent these black swan events, I believe that all of the companies... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
OMEGA HEALTHCARE INVESTORS 37.33   26.7 1.40 2.64 7.14
MAIN STREET CAPITAL 37.41   13.3 2.81 2.40 6.45
ENTERPRISE PRODUCTS 29.11   15.2 1.91 1.74 5.98
KINDER MORGAN 20.13   30.5 0.66 0.80 4.02
GENERAL MILLS 51.09   20.0 2.55 1.96 3.86


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