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IRA Dividend Holdings Revealed And 2018 Vs. 2017 Income

Published Fri, 11 Jan 2019 09:01:14 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

This article introduces the dividend growth stocks in our portfolio. I review asset allocation, portfolio performance and credit ratings, our portfolio goals and plan.
A short review
We plan to retire at age 54 in July 2020 and roam the country in our motorhome for a few years before settling into one location. Our plan consists of different time periods, each with a different investment purpose. They are:
From age 54 to 59.5 we will not yet be able to withdraw from IRA’s and will not have social security income. During this critical time period income will be limited to cash savings and income from a small portfolio. Some or all of this time will be spent traveling the country in our motorhome. This will be the Motorhome Period. From age 59.5 to 62 we can withdraw from IRAs but will not have social security income. This will be the IRA Period. From age 62 and older we can withdraw from IRAs and will have social security income. During this potentially long time period the plan must be more dynamic as we respond in to market conditions. This will be the Full Retirement Period. My earlier articles concentrated on the Motorhome Period (which contains a high yield portfolio) and the permanent portfolio. You can find the December update for this phase here.
This article will summarize the total portfolio, which includes the latter two periods. As noted, the only difference in the IRA Period and the Full Retirement Period is that the latter has social security income... Read more