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4 Reasons Brookfield Infrastructure Is The Best High-Yield Investment You'll Ever Make

Published Mon, 11 Feb 2019 06:37:05 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

My new Deep Value Dividend Growth Portfolio or DVDGP (beating the market by 9% so far) is a collection of my top recommendations for quality, low-risk dividend growth stocks, that I buy opportunistically at good to great prices.
While that portfolio is rather diversified (there are a lot of great income stocks worth owning), when it comes to my favorite "buy and hold forever" stocks few can beat Brookfield Infrastructure Partners (BIP). I'm such a fan of this high-yield and fast-growing limited partnership, that I consider it the world's best income growth stock.
That's for four main reasons, including a fantastic recession-proof business model, the world-class management team, and the longest growth runway I know of (50+ years and over $100+ trillion in addressable market). Best of all, from today's valuation (about 10% undervalued) Brookfield Infrastructure is likely to beat management's long-term goal of delivering 12% to 15% total returns (16% to 17% over the next five to ten years).
That means investors are not just likely to enjoy generous, safe and fast-growing income, but probably returns that will be two to three times what the S&P 500 delivers. That makes Brookfield Infrastructure a "strong buy" for almost any diversified income growth portfolio, as long as you're comfortable with its risk profile (unique among utilities and it uses a K-1 tax form).
1. A Global, Recession-Proof Business Model Built For Safe And Fast Growth Income
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