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Expected Dividend Increases In March 2019

Published Thu, 28 Feb 2019 02:22:53 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

March is a great month. Spring training is starting, the weather is starting to warm up, it is the first large dividend-paying month of the year, and it is one of the Diplomats' birthdays. From an investing standpoint and dividend increase standpoint, 2019 has been an interesting one. Dividend growth has slowed compared to last year for many companies while the stock market continues to rally. Each day is an exciting new day in the marketplace. It is now time for the next installment of our monthly series, summarizing the previous month's dividend increases and anticipating the dividend increases in the months to come. Here is our list of expected dividend increases in March!
Actual Dividend Increases in February 2019 Before looking ahead, I always like to review the companies that announced a dividend increase in the previous month. It is a great way for me to see if the companies I highlighted in the previous month's article delivered and to even summarize companies that I did not, but should have, included in the article. ("Bonus" companies). Let's see the results!
Company #1: Archer Daniels Midland (NYSE: ADM) - This was actually the first dividend increase I received during the month. ADM increased their dividend 4.48% this month. This was slightly lower, but in line with the company's previous increases. Their news release cited some pretty cool facts about the longevity of the company's dividend. This was the 349th consecutive quarterly dividend payment, which is over... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
KRAFT HEINZ 32.09   0.0 -8.40 1.60 4.95
UNITED PARCEL SERVICE 109.52   19.9 5.51 3.84 3.46
COCA-COLA 45.30   30.2 1.50 1.60 3.38
ARCHER-DANIELS-MIDLAND 43.18   13.5 3.20 1.40 3.24
PEPSICO 115.66   13.1 8.80 3.71 3.18
HOME DEPOT 182.23   18.7 9.73 5.44 3.00
GENUINE PARTS 107.05   19.5 5.50 3.05 2.85
T. ROWE PRICE GROUP 102.44   14.1 7.25 3.04 2.76
COLGATE PALMOLIVE 67.20   24.4 2.75 1.68 2.53
WENDY'S 16.63   8.8 1.88 0.40 2.40
GENERAL DYNAMICS 169.79   15.2 11.19 4.08 2.17
WAL-MART STORES 98.42   43.2 2.28 2.12 2.10


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