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BAB: We Like This Municipal Bond ETF In Case The Yield Curve Inverts

Published Thu, 28 Feb 2019 13:41:08 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

The US 10 year - 3 Month yield curve is not far from inverting, and there are few indicators that give a better picture as to where we currently are in the business cycle. We see it as a crowd-sourced poll on how strong investors think economic growth is going to be, and from the looks of it many are expecting a severe slowdown or even a recession in the next year or two.
We therefore believe we are arriving at the part of the economic cycle when it's a good idea to start adding more conservative investments.
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The Federal Reserve has an interesting blog post that goes into some detail on the relationship of the yield curve and recessions:
... every recession since 1957 has been preceded by a yield curve inversion. (Note that the lag between the inversion and a recession varies: With the 10-year and 1-year yields, the lag is between 8 and 19 months, with an average of about 13 months.) A common interpretation is that the yield curve measures investors’ expectations of economic growth in the current period compared with economic growth in the future. According to this interpretation, a yield curve inversion implies that investors expect current economic growth to exceed future economic growth, indicating a recession is likely.
It is therefore not easy to find assets that perform well when the yield curve inverts, given that it normally signals a slowing economy and increasing risk of recession.
In such an environment safe havens like... Read more


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