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High Quality High-Yield Dividend Growth Stocks

Published Thu, 04 Apr 2019 10:51:01 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

In the past two years, I have written two articles on high-quality dividend growth [DG] stocks (2018, 2019). The interest in this subject has been stunning. The two articles rank #1 and #2 on my most-read articles ever on Seeking Alpha, going back more than 10 years.
There were a lot of low-yield stocks in those articles. Commenter UncleMilton asked whether it would be possible to rank the quality of 3%-6% yielding stocks. I thought that was an interesting suggestion.
However, there are more than 300 such stocks according to the Dividend Champions spreadsheet [CCC]. I thought that is too much to bite off for one article, so I modified the range: This article ranks quality for DG stocks yielding 4% or more.
I generally consider 4%+ to be "high yield," although I know that a lot of investors would require a higher yield for that designation. Anyway, higher yielders are here as well.
There are infinite ways to define company quality, of course, but many investors utilize independent gauges of quality as part of their process. By "independent," I mean ratings from analysts who are not sell-side, and I exclude companies' characterizations of themselves. I'm interested in the opinions of outfits that sell information for a living; I believe that they have more incentive to try to be objective and avoid puffery.
In this article, I employ five widely used quality indicators:
Value Line's Safety Rank Value Line's Financial Strength rating Morningstar's... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
AT&T 30.79   10.7 2.87 2.04 6.36
IBM 139.95   14.8 9.48 6.28 4.52
DUKE ENERGY 89.68   23.9 3.75 3.71 4.18
VERIZON COMM 57.08   14.7 3.88 2.41 4.13
EXXON MOBIL 81.76   16.8 4.88 3.28 3.96

AT&T - T
AT&T - T  

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