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20 Top Stocks For A Monthly Dividend Portfolio: 2-Year Update

Published Thu, 02 May 2019 13:52:42 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

In July 2017, I wrote what has turned out to be, in terms of page views, my most popular article ever for this platform. That article? 20 Top Stocks For A Monthly Dividend Portfolio. At the conclusion of the article, I revealed that I had 'put my money where my mouth was;' selling all dividend-focused ETFs I held in my retirement portfolio in favor of the 20 featured stocks plus an additional 2 "bonus stocks" I suggested.
Segue To 2019
Earlier this year, based on a review of some investing wisdom from John C. Bogle and Peter L. Bernstein, I offered Seeking Alpha readers my take on the perfect portfolio for the next 10 years. As is (I hope) the case with most investors, I continually strive to learn and grow. And, in the course of preparing these last two articles, I believe I did.
However, having completed the above 2 articles, along with follow-ups suggesting ETFs for the U.S. stock, international stock, and bond allocations in the 'perfect portfolio,' I was left with some nagging questions.
How might what I shared in 2017 stand up if examined in the light of my more current writings? Should I have simply kept the ETFs I started with? What if I put the 22 stocks I selected, in the weightings in which I currently hold them, up against the S&P 500? To go a step further, what if I extended the backtest as far as I could backwards, even beyond the last two years? To be honest, I was afraid to find out. But, I decided, I had to. Why? Because if there was a... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
AT&T 32.14   12.0 2.68 2.04 6.29
ABBVIE 81.15   23.2 3.49 4.28 5.29
WELLS FARGO 45.56   10.1 4.52 1.80 3.89
CVS CAREMARK 52.79   0.0 -0.44 2.00 3.74
APPLE 178.97   15.0 11.89 3.08 1.69
GENERAL ELECTRIC 9.90   0.0 -2.07 0.04 0.40