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Diversify Your Income Portfolio With This Sector Dividend ETF

Published Wed, 10 Jul 2019 16:10:04 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

When you hear the word infrastructure, building roads, bridges, and tunnels might be the first thing to come to mind. Infrastructure can be so much more, and it can be a great source of steady cash flow. The Invesco S&P High Income Infrastructure ETF (GHII) tracks the S&P High Income Infrastructure Index: "The Index is designed to measure the performance of 50high-yielding global equity securities of companies that engage in various infrastructure-related sub-industries."

The word infrastructure might conjure images of building and repairing highways and bridges. One might think it depends on investment from capricious politicians who hype up crumbling infrastructure every election and then never doing anything fix it when they get into office. That is not what this fund is about! It's not about public asset construction, but about private asset operating, which can provide you with steady dividend income from:
energy, oil, gas and consumable fuels, industrials, transportation, transportation infrastructure, airport services, highways and rail tracks, marine ports and services, utilities, electric gas utilities, multi-utilities, water utilities, oil and gas storage and transportation sectors.
The fund's top 10 holdings are:
% of Fund Company (Ticker) Industry Country 5.52% AltaGas Ltd. (OTCPK: ATGFF) Oil & gas midstream & utility Canada 4.69% Macquarie Infrastructure Corp. (MIC) Petroleum storage, handling, distribution & sales,... Read more


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