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A Monopoly Of REIT Dividends

Published Fri, 12 Jul 2019 07:00:00 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

Everyone (or almost everyone) knows the classic Hasbro board game of Monopoly.
It’s the one where you try to own as many well-placed properties as possible to charge your opponents into bankruptcy. There was even some personal satisfaction to be had if they quit out of frustration with how long it could go on.
Which it could. On and on and on.
Even so, I used to love that game so much.
And yes, I won a lot.
It was such a fun challenge going around the board, analyzing your funds with every move you made. In the beginning, it was all about selecting the best properties to buy: Vermont Avenue, St. James Place, Marvin Gardens, Park Place and Boardwalk… not to mention the utilities and railroads.
There was so much to snap up during those first few circuits.
After all the properties were purchased, then it was a matter of who would trade with who. Could you tempt any of your friends into making a business deal where you got the card you wanted and they got a card they wanted?
It was always worth a shot. That way, you could charge people extra rent every time they rolled right onto your property.
Oh, the rent you could charge! And, in most cases, you could even build houses or – even better – hotels on those assets, charging even more for the hassle.
But perhaps best yet, no laws were broken, jobs were lost, or laws crossed in the process. Oh, there might have been a few hard feelings along the way. But even those were short-lived: The mere... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
IRON MOUNTAIN 34.14   28.4 1.20 2.44 7.29
SIMON PROPERTY GROUP 155.27   20.8 7.48 8.40 5.21
RYMAN HOSPITALITY PROPERTIES 81.48   16.1 5.05 3.60 4.46
DIGITAL REALTY 126.53   116.1 1.09 4.32 3.38
CYRUSONE 74.17   0.0 -0.69 2.00 2.53


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