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10 Recession-Proof High-Yield Blue Chips With Market-Beating Potential

Published Wed, 24 Jul 2019 06:58:55 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

Recession is one of those things that most people fear and for good reason. Not just do economic contractions mean potential job losses that can devastate our personal finances but since WWII no recession has occurred without a sharp sell-off in stocks that can lay waste (at least temporarily) to our portfolios.
The media LOVES hyping risks because while good news is what we want, nothing keeps our eyes glued to our TV or computer screens like dire warnings of impending economic and stock market doom.
So let's take an objective look at what recession risks really are right now, what I'm doing with my retirement portfolio during these uncertain times, and 10 undervalued recession-resistant (defensive) blue chips that will pay you generous, safe and growing dividends over time, and whose current valuations are likely to deliver market-beating total returns as well.
Recession Risks Are High BUT...
The US economy is enormous, monstrously complex and deeply integrated with the global economy that can be even harder to read at times.
The basis of my personal economic models is to look at three sources I trust to gauge nine to 12-month recession risk.
Cleveland Federal Reserve Recession Risk Model
The first of these is the Cleveland Federal Reserve, that uses a proprietary model based on the 10y-3m yield curve to estimate not just how fast the economy is growing but the risk of a recession beginning within 12 months.
Back in June, the Cleveland... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
ALTRIA GROUP 46.41   13.8 3.36 3.20 6.92
BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO 36.08   0.0 0.00 2.68 6.65
ABBVIE 65.97   24.2 2.72 4.28 6.34
AT&T 34.82   14.6 2.38 2.04 5.80
PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL 82.95   16.5 5.03 4.56 5.49
CARDINAL HEALTH 42.79   9.5 4.51 1.92 4.42
WALGREENS BOOTS ALLIANCE 49.32   9.7 5.10 1.83 3.60
BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB 46.58   12.3 3.80 1.64 3.43
CVS CAREMARK 60.24   16.9 3.57 2.00 3.24
JOHNSON & JOHNSON 131.27   21.8 6.03 3.80 2.91


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