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Published Wed, 14 Aug 2019 03:51:13 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

The US economy continues to do well despite problematic US-China trade negotiations. Consumer sentiment was 98.4 in July vs. an 86.6 historic average. The US consumer is still buying. YTD June retail sales are up 2.9% YoY with the month of June up 3.4% YoY. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the economy continues to add jobs, 164,000 in the month of July. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics The Powell Put Is In. Back in January the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, gave a prepared statement which signalled not only a pause in interest rate hikes, but also a halt to their balance sheet runoff. Later in March on 60 minutes he reiterated that policy was appropriate. Recently, the Fed cut by 25 basis points while Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) predicting a return to zero. What should be clear is Mr. Powell has our backs. The Powell put is in. Negotiations on the US-China Tariff War collapsed as the President accused China of reneging on previously agreed terms, and raised tariffs 10% on a further $300 billion in Chinese imports. Threats and "playing hardball" are a normal part of many negotiations. The US has just never been willing to go there in the past. Nevertheless, the simple fact is the US simply has less to lose in these negotiations.
According to this article, had the President actually put a full 25% tariff on all imports from China (which may still happen), the effect would be equivalent to raising our average tax rate from 26.9% to 27.5%... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
USA COMPRESSION PARTNERS LP 16.59   0.0 -0.10 2.10 13.04
MPLX LP 28.61   12.4 2.30 2.67 9.28
ARCHROCK 10.62   25.3 0.42 0.58 5.49
CSI COMPRESSCO LP 2.98   0.0 -0.60 0.04 1.38


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