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U.S. Dividend Stocks On Discount - September 2019

Published Mon, 09 Sep 2019 13:13:56 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

Which dividend stocks attract investors with an exceptionally high dividend? In this analysis, the 15 stocks are determined whose current dividend yield is significantly above the average of the last 12 months (Δ Div. 12 Months). Additional deltas ranging from two to ten years show you if the current dividend discount is recurring or a one-time offer.
The generation of buy signals is based on the Dividend Turbo, which compares the historical dividend yield with the current dividend yield. Sell signals aren't considered in this analysis.
Buy and sell signals determined by the Dividend Turbo

In a second step, a fundamental check of selected dividend discounts is carried out to test the sustainability of these offers. First, we check the long-term profit growth of the selected companies because only long-term profit growth leads to long-term growing dividends and capital gains.
Second, we check if the buy signal triggered by the high dividend yield is confirmed or contradicted by different fair value calculations of the stock. Only if the stock also appears to be favorably valued regarding earnings and cash flows as well, the dividend discount seems to be a valid offer.
The valuation of the stock is done using a dynamic fair value calculation based on multiples like the p/e and p/c (price to operating cash-flow) ratio.
Dynamic fair value calculation including stock purchase simulation

Limitation on solid dividend stocks
All stocks are solid... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
TANGER FACTORY OUTLET CENTERS 16.50   21.4 0.77 1.42 8.35
ALTRIA GROUP 44.46   13.2 3.36 3.36 7.23
OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM 45.40   9.0 5.05 3.16 6.81
ABBVIE 70.83   26.0 2.72 4.28 6.28
PHILIP MORRIS INTERNATIONAL 74.90   14.9 5.03 4.68 6.12
PATTERSON 18.40   14.6 1.26 1.04 5.79
SIMON PROPERTY GROUP 155.27   20.8 7.48 8.40 5.21
APACHE 23.84   0.0 -1.87 1.00 4.22
FOOT LOCKER 40.52   8.8 4.60 1.52 3.60
NATIONAL FUEL GAS 48.74   14.4 3.39 1.74 3.53
3M 170.58   20.6 8.28 5.76 3.41
NU SKIN ENTERPRISES 44.28   20.0 2.22 1.48 3.39
WALGREENS BOOTS ALLIANCE 55.56   10.9 5.10 1.83 3.22
THOR INDUSTRIES 52.37   21.6 2.42 1.56 3.18


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