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WisdomTree U.S. Large Cap Dividend ETF: Favorable Outlook Continues

Published Fri, 08 Nov 2019 15:32:44 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

ETF Overview
WisdomTree U.S. Large Cap Dividend ETF (DLN) focuses on large-cap dividend stocks in the United States. DLN tracks the WisdomTree U.S. Large Cap Dividend Index. The fund selects 300 largest companies by market cap from the WisdomTree Dividend Index. Its selection results in large-cap stocks that have competitive position. DLN has a higher exposure to cyclical sectors than defensive sectors. Therefore, it has considerable risk in an economic downturn. Since we still hold the view that the U.S. economy will re-accelerate in 2020, and that the fund’s valuation is not inflated, we believe DLN is still a good investment choice today.
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Fund Analysis
A diversified portfolio of stocks with competitive positions
DLN constructs its portfolio by selecting the 300 largest companies by market cap from the WisdomTree Dividend Index. This index basically includes U.S. dividend paying stocks. The index does not weight each stock by dividend yield. Rather, it weights each stock by the value of dividends it is expected to pay in the next year. This approach favors large-cap stocks as large-cap stocks usually pays larger total dividends than mid and small-cap stocks. There are pros and cons of this approach. The benefit of this approach is the inclusion of large-cap dividend stocks. While it is not possible to check each stock in DLN’s portfolio, we noted that its top 10 holding stocks are large-cap stocks with both a narrow or wide moat position... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
AT&T 38.38   16.1 2.38 2.04 5.43
EXXON MOBIL 71.98   17.3 4.15 3.48 4.83
WELLS FARGO 48.65   10.0 4.84 2.04 4.22
VERIZON COMM 60.43   15.8 3.83 2.46 4.04
CHEVRON 121.42   15.7 7.72 4.76 3.91
JOHNSON & JOHNSON 130.43   21.6 6.03 3.80 2.93
VANGUARD HIGH DIVIDEND YIELD ETF 89.75   0.0 0.00 0.00 2.79
JPMORGAN CHASE 117.91   12.0 9.79 3.60 2.74
PROCTER & GAMBLE 122.77   90.3 1.36 2.98 2.49
APPLE 223.08   19.0 11.73 3.08 1.42
MICROSOFT 137.52   27.1 5.07 1.84 1.35

AT&T - T
AT&T - T  

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