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20 Of 52 Top Yield Energy Equities May Be Poised To Cut Dividends In April

Published Mon, 13 Apr 2020 03:32:27 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

These dividend-dog prices and yields are all sourced from YCharts which allows a dividend-yield to persist for 365 days after the most recent reported dividend if a dividend is cut.
Analyst target net-gain estimates for the top ten high yield energy dogs 4/9/20 ranged 103.45-203.45% for HESM, NS, MPC, KRP, HMLP, TRGP, PBFX, CEQP, USAC, and top dog, DKL.
Top-ten Energy Equities by yield, GLP, SRLP, KRP, NS, PBFX, USAC, HMLP, DKL, TRGP, and top dog CEQP ranged 20.53-43.94% begging for a dividend cut.
Top-ten Energy firms by broker-target price estimates, HESM, KRP, FTI, MPC, HMLP, TRGP, CEQP, PBFX, USAC, and top dog DKL averaged 128.92%.
$5k invested 4/9/20 in the lowest-priced five top yield energy dogs of ten, showed 20.4% more projected net-gain than from $5k put in all ten.  The low-price top yield energy dogs took the lead for April.
Last month, I focused on a collection of broker-favored Fit Financial Service equities. This month, I chose to focus on Energy to see if that sector might also see a rebalance in favor of the buy-and-hold buyer like you and me.
The Ides of March dip pushed energy stock prices well below the point where annual dividend yield from $1K invested meets or exceeds single share prices. The top yield ten energy dogs this month all show annual yields in excess of 20%. Corporate directors will likely cut or curtail these dividends: CEQP; TRGP; DKL; HMLP; USAC; PBFX; NS; KRP; SRLP; GLP. The second tier ten with dividends of 11-19% may just reduce their payouts to shareholders.
Few of these companies have business models positioned to fulfill future consumer desires. Ten of 52 may be diverse enough to survive. The dogcatcher likes these ten: CEO; RDS-A; PSX; CNQ; XOM; TOT; SU; EC; VLO; CVX.
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Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
USA COMPRESSION PARTNERS LP 16.59   0.0 -0.10 2.10 13.04
DELEK LOGISTICS PARTNERS LP 30.70   12.5 2.46 3.40 11.22
GLOBAL PARTNERS 19.17   12.4 1.54 2.06 10.73
TARGA RESOURCES 39.28   0.0 -1.32 3.64 9.30
NUSTAR ENERGY 26.89   0.0 -6.61 2.40 8.95
CRESTWOOD EQUITY PARTNERS 36.99   13.5 2.74 2.40 6.47
MARATHON PETROLEUM 53.19   11.5 4.62 2.12 3.89


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