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ClearBridge Dividend Strategy Portfolio Manager Commentary Q2 2020

Published Sat, 11 Jul 2020 11:25:00 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

Seeking AlphaClearBridge Dividend Strategy Portfolio Manager Commentary Q2 2020Jul. 11, 2020 11:25 AM ET|| Includes: AAPL, APO, BXP, HD, LCBEX, LMOIX, LMPOX, LMPSX, MCD, MSFT, NEE, PEG, RTX, SASMX, SBPYX, SYY, WFC, WMBby: ClearBridge InvestmentsClearBridge Investments Asset Management, large-cap, Growth, mutual fund managerClearBridge Investments.cls-1{fill:#024999;}SummaryClearBridge is a leading global asset manager committed to active management. Research-based stock selection guides our investment approach, with our strategies reflecting the highest-conviction ideas of our portfolio managers.
Capital markets recovered substantially during the second quarter, driven by tremendous monetary and fiscal stimulus, although recent COVID-19 surges question the durability of the rally.
We have added utilities and health care stocks because both industries are fundamentally defensive, and the selloff provided us with attractive opportunities in great companies in these areas.
More than ever, we believe it is critical to focus on businesses with recurring, predictable revenues and limited economic sensitivity. Despite all of the turmoil, our dividends have generally held up well and, indeed, have grown.
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Source: ClearBridge Investments
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Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
WILLIAMS 24.29   303.6 0.08 1.52 6.12
APOLLO GLOBAL MANAGEMENT 40.58   33.3 1.22 2.00 5.03
WELLS FARGO 48.65   10.0 4.84 2.04 4.22
PUBLIC SERVICE ENTERPRISE 61.45   21.3 2.88 1.88 3.07
BOSTON PROPERTIES 133.43   39.0 3.42 3.80 2.90
HOME DEPOT 233.80   23.3 10.04 5.44 2.33
NEXTERA ENERGY 220.74   31.7 6.96 5.00 2.29
MCDONALDS 212.15   27.9 7.61 4.64 2.21
SYSCO 77.72   24.3 3.20 1.56 2.03
APPLE 223.08   19.0 11.73 3.08 1.42
MICROSOFT 137.52   27.1 5.07 1.84 1.35


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