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Dividend Income Update: August 2020

Published Sun, 13 Sep 2020 10:32:46 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

Seeking AlphaDividend StrategyDividend Income Update: August 2020Sep. 13, 2020 10:32 AM ET|| Includes: AAPL, ABBV, ABT, APD, CAT, CL, CLX, GD, GIS, HRL, LTC, PEAK, PG, RY, SBUX, T, WELLby: DivhutDivhut Long Only, long-term horizon, Dividend Investing, Dividend Growth InvestingDiv Hut.cls-1{fill:#024999;}SummaryAugust was a little underwhelming for me as my income dropped a bit, but this was due to sales made last year.
Grand total for the month of August: $1,058.21, a decrease of -6.2% from August 2019.
Names like Sabra Health Care REIT, Versum Materials and Wabtec have all been shuttled and can account for my year-over-year decrease.
The start of every month is exciting for all dividend income investors as we look back at the previous month and see how much passive dividend income our portfolios generated. There's just something special about passive income. Knowing that an income is hitting your account without having to do any active work to earn it.
August was a little underwhelming for me as my income dropped a bit, but this was due to sales made last year. Still, my year-over-year annual numbers continue to highlight the trifecta magic of dividend investing which includes, adding fresh capital, dividend raises and basic compounding to create an ever increasing passive income stream. Even if I stopped adding fresh capital today and every dividend stock I owned kept all distributions flat, without a single raise, my passive income stream would continue to grow. With that being said, let's take a look back at my August 2020 dividend income.
Dividend income from my taxable account totaled $659.66, down from $702.57, a decrease of -6.1% from August of last year.
Dividend income from my ROTH account totaled $273.78, up from $240.86, an increase of 13.7% from this time last year.
Dividend income from my IRA account totaled $124.77, down from $184.66 from this time last year, a decrease of -32.4%.
Grand total for the month of August: $1,058.21, a... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
ABBVIE 70.83   26.0 2.72 4.28 6.28
AT&T 38.38   16.1 2.38 2.04 5.43
LTC PROPERTIES 49.71   18.6 2.67 2.28 4.63
ROYAL BANK OF CANADA 78.79   11.9 6.61 3.16 4.00
GENERAL MILLS 54.09   18.6 2.90 1.96 3.59
CATERPILLAR 131.75   12.3 10.74 4.12 3.16
CLOROX 160.20   25.3 6.34 4.24 2.68
PROCTER & GAMBLE 122.77   90.3 1.36 2.98 2.49
COLGATE PALMOLIVE 72.29   27.5 2.63 1.72 2.38
AIR PRODUCTS & CHEMICALS 220.67   28.6 7.72 4.64 2.17
GENERAL DYNAMICS 189.41   16.8 11.25 4.08 2.17
HORMEL FOODS 44.00   24.3 1.81 0.84 1.92
STARBUCKS 92.06   32.6 2.82 1.44 1.59
ABBOTT LABORATORIES 85.21   52.3 1.63 1.28 1.54
APPLE 223.08   19.0 11.73 3.08 1.42


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