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This Week's Ex-Dividend Dates And Assessing The IBM Spin-Off News

Published Sun, 11 Oct 2020 17:59:08 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

Seeking AlphaQuick Picks & ListsThis Week's Ex-Dividend Dates And Assessing The IBM Spin-Off NewsOct. 11, 2020 5:59 PM ET|| Includes: ABB, ABBV, ABLZF, BFS, BFS.PD, BKE, CMTL, EME, EOG, FL, FUL, FUNC, GWRS, HONE, HRL, ITDD, KWR, MORN, OXM, PDCO, SBR, SNP, SNPMF, TRN, WSO, WSO.Bby: The European ViewThe European View Long Only, long-term horizon, Dividend Investing, Dividend Growth InvestingSummaryLike every week on my TEV blog, I want to show you some stocks that will go ex-dividend in the next few days.
This time I will talk about Foot Locker, China Petroleum & Chemical Corp. (Sinopec), as well as IBM.
Based on historic multiples such as the adjusted fair value P/E ratio,  IBM has an upside potential of roundabout 55 percent and the spin-off might unlock it.

Hello, my dears, welcome to a new overview of upcoming ex-dividend dates and dividend ideas here on the TEV Blog. Like every week, I want to show you some stocks that will go ex-dividend in the next days. I'll also review a few companies currently in the focus of investors or that have an attractive fundamental valuation. Additionally, I'll give you some insights into my retirement portfolio and share my thoughts and experiences about individual companies with you.

Why yields are a simple way to screen companies
Dividends are a great thing. Even in bad stock market times, they provide a juicy cash flow per month. If you want to benefit from dividend payments as quickly as possible, you must pay attention to the ex-dividend dates. This date is the day on which shares are traded without their subsequent dividend value. Only if you owned the stocks on this day are you entitled to receive the dividend.
Usually, there are always exciting dividend companies that are worth a second look. And the dividend yield is an excellent way to get an initial overview of companies that may be worth further due diligence. To help you get started, at the end of each week, I will... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
ABBVIE 70.83   26.0 2.72 4.28 6.28
SABINE ROYALTY TRUST 46.22   13.4 3.44 2.90 5.98
PATTERSON 18.40   14.6 1.26 1.04 5.79
CHINA PETROLEUM & CHEMICAL 61.69   9.6 6.42 2.71 4.91
BUCKLE 21.35   11.2 1.91 1.00 4.74
SAUL CENTERS 53.58   30.3 1.77 2.12 4.08
WATSCO 169.19   26.4 6.41 6.40 3.88
FOOT LOCKER 40.52   8.8 4.60 1.52 3.60
TRINITY INDUSTRIES 19.98   22.4 0.89 0.68 3.46
ABB 20.23   28.5 0.71 0.49 2.45
HORMEL FOODS 44.00   24.3 1.81 0.84 1.92
OXFORD INDUSTRIES 74.15   17.9 4.15 1.48 1.89
FIRST UNITED 22.87   14.8 1.54 0.36 1.57
EOG RESOURCES 79.68   13.0 6.15 1.15 1.44
COMTECH TELECOMMUNICATIONS 30.44   28.2 1.08 0.40 1.39
HB FULLER 48.08   19.6 2.45 0.64 1.35
QUAKER CHEMICAL 168.52   39.6 4.25 1.54 0.92
MORNINGSTAR 156.13   38.5 4.06 1.12 0.71
EMCOR GROUP 86.65   15.8 5.48 0.32 0.37


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