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Retirement Strategy: What Does Dividend Growth Investing Actually Mean?

Published Mon, 19 Oct 2020 10:00:00 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

Seeking AlphaRetirementRetirement Strategy: What Does Dividend Growth Investing Actually Mean?Oct. 19, 2020 10:00 AM ET|| Includes: CL, JNJ, KO, MO, NLY, PG, XOMby: Regarded SolutionsRegarded Solutions Portfolio strategySummaryThe true definition of dividend growth investing is quite clear, but I am finding plenty of folks here really do not understand it.
There are enough new investors here that I thought I would offer my own definition of what dividend growth investing actually is - to me anyway.
I am not trying to convince anyone how they should invest, but a concise definition might clear up some misconceptions.

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There are so many different roads that an investor can use to become financially secure that, even if I actually knew them all, it would take days to list them all! I do know that there are a handful of approaches that most people choose, so I will just list them:
Stock picking based on the fundamentals of a company, or the technicals that many day traders use Momentum trading, which means to me when a stock is on a hot streak, investors hop on for the ride Day trading, which means never investing in a stock, but picking one that fits a particular trend and buying and selling within each day. Following the herd investing, which to me means it happens to be a popular stock, or an IPO, or a strong sector; tends to be trend investing, not for the long term Contrarian trading, which to me is going against conventional wisdom and buying stocks for large rebounds and short-term gains I left off dividend growth investing because that is the approach I am focusing on. So I will go into more detail, in my own simple way, for folks to understand how I define it.
Dividend Growth Investing
The popularity of this long-term buy-and-hold strategy has lots of traders calling it a "cult," and in some ways it might be! I know I wouldn't invest any other way, and I have tried them all over the last 50 years. So I am part of the... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
ANNALY CAPITAL MANAGEMENT 8.60   0.0 -3.32 1.20 14.00
ALTRIA GROUP 44.46   13.2 3.36 3.36 7.23
EXXON MOBIL 71.98   17.3 4.15 3.48 4.83
COCA-COLA 55.11   33.6 1.64 1.60 2.94
JOHNSON & JOHNSON 130.43   21.6 6.03 3.80 2.93
PROCTER & GAMBLE 122.77   90.3 1.36 2.98 2.49
COLGATE PALMOLIVE 72.29   27.5 2.63 1.72 2.38


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