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55 U.S. Real Estate Investment Trusts Yield Over 7% In October

Published Tue, 20 Oct 2020 04:04:59 -0400 on Seeking Alpha

Seeking AlphaREITs55 U.S. Real Estate Investment Trusts Yield Over 7% In OctoberOct. 20, 2020 4:04 AM ET|| Includes: ACRE, AFIN, APTS, ARI, BXMT, CHMI, CIM, GEO, GNL, GPMT, KLPEF, LADR, OPI, ORC, RVI, STWDby: Fredrik ArnoldFredrik Arnold The Dividend Dog CatcherSimple, straightforward 7-step analysis that finds lucrative income stocks.SummaryRetail Value Inc again showed top-broker estimated-net gains of 141.2%, while Klepierre had the top 17.19% yield out of 350 U.S. REITs per YCharts data 10/16/20.
Top 10 net-gainers BXMT, GPMT, STWD, CHMI, GNL, BFS, APTS, OPI, LADR, AFIN, & RVI ranged 27.8%-141.2% 10/16/20. Top 55 US REITs by yield represented 7 of 9 REIT industries.
Top US 55 $5+priced REITs by Yield ranged 7.15%-17.19%. Top ten, STWD, GEO, APTS, AFIN, CIM, ACRE, ORC, ARI, RVI, & KLPEF, averaged 14.34% yield.
45 Top US REITs by broker estimated one-year upsides ranged 4.19% to 126.21%. Top ten, BFS, LADR, AJX, SVC, AFIN, GEO, CIO, ORC, MAC, & RVI, averaged 58.10% upside.
$5k invested in the lowest-priced five Late-September top-yield US Real Estate Investment Trusts showed 13.07% LESS net gain than that from $5k invested in all ten.  Bigger, higher-priced REITs topped the pack October 16.

Any collection of dividend stocks is more clearly understood when subjected to yield-based (dog catcher) analysis, these US exchange sourced real estate investment trust stocks are perfect for the dogcatcher process. Here is the October 16 data for 55 top dividend-paying net gain REITs as documented by YCharts.
The Ides of March plunge in the stock market took its toll on US REITs. Only one top ten US REIT by yield from March was back in the top ten for April. However the drop in prices in all top 50 US REITs (listed by yield) did make the possibility of owning productive dividend shares from this collection more affordable for first-time investors. A rapid recovery in market prices partially closed that window of first-time... Read more

Stock name Last trade   P/E Earnings/Share Dividend/Share Dividend yield
ORCHID ISLAND CAPITAL 5.58   0.0 -0.29 0.96 17.75
CHERRY HILL MORTGAGE INVESTMENT 13.52   0.0 -3.91 1.60 14.40
GEO GROUP 18.35   14.1 1.30 1.92 10.56
CHIMERA INVESTMENT 19.57   21.5 0.91 2.00 10.23
ARES COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE 15.64   11.7 1.34 1.32 8.49
LADDER CAPITAL 17.14   12.1 1.42 1.36 7.96
STARWOOD PROPERTY TRUST 24.39   18.5 1.32 1.92 7.95
PREFERRED APARTMENT COMMUNITIES 14.60   0.0 -1.61 1.05 7.19
BLACKSTONE MORTGAGE TRUST 36.16   14.5 2.49 2.48 6.94


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