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Dividend Challenger Highlights: Week Of November 22

Published Sat, 21 Nov 2020 11:18:25 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

Seeking AlphaDividend Quick PicksDividend Challenger Highlights: Week Of November 22Nov. 21, 2020 11:18 AM ET|| Includes: A, ABR, ABR.PA, ABR.PB, ABR.PC, ACC, ARMK, ASB, ASB.PC, ASB.PD, ASB.PE, ASB.PF, AUB, AUBAP, BAM, BAMGF, BAMKF, BFIN, BKFPF, BPY, BPYPN, BPYPO, BPYPP, C, C.PK, C.PS, CATY, CBT, CCBG, CDW, CGNX, CHCT, COLB, CORE, CPF, CPRJ, CTO, DHIL, DRE, ENR, ENR.PA, EVA, FBHS, FCCY, FRAF, GAIN, GAINL, GAINM, GCBC, GFF, HII, HTH, HY, IDA, IOSP, IPG, ISBC, KEY, KEY.PI, KEY.PJ, KEYLL, KNSL, LAND, LANDO, LANDP, LYB, MAIN, MAN, MCBC, MLM, MRK, MSBI, MSCI, MTRN, NBTB, NFBK, NNI, OSK, PAYX, PFS, POWI, PRGS, SCHW, SCHW.PC, SCHW.PD, SFBC, SGC, SHBI, SLG, SLG.PI, SMBC, SWM, TFSL, TSBK, TSN, TTEK, UFCS, UFPI, UMPQ, UTL, WBS, WBS.PF, WLKP, WMS, WTBA, WTFC, WTFCM, WTFCP, WTSby: Justin LawJustin Law The Dividend KingsMaximize your income with the world’s highest-quality dividend investments SummaryA weekly summary of dividend activity for Dividend Challengers.
Companies which changed their dividends.
Companies with upcoming ex-dividend dates.
Companies with upcoming pay dates.
The Dividend Champions list is a monthly compilation of companies which have consistently increased their annual dividend payouts, and the latest edition may be found here. However, since this list is only produced once per month, the data in it can quickly get out of date. Furthermore, with around 750 companies on the list, the sheer amount of data can quickly become overwhelming. In this weekly series, I highlight recent and upcoming dividend related activity for companies holding Challenger (5-9 years) status.
In the data presented below, Yield is forward annualized and Years reflects the up-to-date streak, including dividends declared since the last edition of the Dividend Champions list.
Dividend Changes
In the past week, the following companies on the Challengers list declared dividends which changed from their previous payouts.
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