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Dividend Champions For December 2020

Published Thu, 03 Dec 2020 04:42:35 -0500 on Seeking Alpha

Seeking AlphaDividend Quick PicksDividend Champions For December 2020Dec. 3, 2020 4:42 AM ET|| Includes: A, AAN, ABC, ADI, ADP, AEL, AEM, AFL, AIZ, AIZP, AL, ALTA, ARGO, ARMK, ASB, ATO, BDX, BFIN, BOKF, CATY, CCBG, CCOI, CDW, CFR, CHCT, CHDN, COLB, CORE, CPKF, DHI, DLB, EMR, ENR, ETR, EVA, EVRG, FAF, FFIC, FLIR, FMBH, FMCB, GFF, HBCP, HDB, HIFS, HII, HONT, HPQ, HRL, HWBK, INPAP, IOSP, IP, JLL, LANC, LMNR, LNC, MAN, MATW, MCHP, MCY, MDU, MKC, MKC.V, MRK, MSI, MXIM, MYBF, NBTB, NKE, NNI, NSA, NVDA, OCFC, OCFCP, OTEX, PFC, PFS, PSB, RGLD, ROK, ROP, RTX, SBFG, SBGI, SBSI, SCI, SGC, SHBI, SJI, SJIJ, SJIU, SNA, SR, SRCE, STBA, SWM, SXT, TAIT, TBNK, THFF, TKR, TSN, UMPQ, UTMD, V, VVV, YORWby: Justin LawJustin Law The Dividend KingsMaximize your income with the world’s highest-quality dividend investments SummaryMonthly update of the Dividend Champions List.
65 companies declared higher dividends in the past month, with an average increase of 6.1% over their previous payouts.
Eight new Contenders, and three new Challengers.
About the Dividend Champions List
The Dividend Champions list is a monthly publication tracking companies with a history of consistently increasing their dividends. Wider in scope than the well-known S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats and Nasdaq Dividend Achievers, the Dividend Champions covers all companies listed on exchanges in the United States. In order to be included in the list, the annual split-adjusted dividend payout of a company (based on calendar year) must be consistently increasing. The Dividend Champions list is separated into three categories based on how long companies have maintained the streak of annually increasing dividends: Champions (25 or more years), Contenders (10 to 24 years), and Challengers (5 to 9 years). The Dividend Champions list was created by David Fish in 2007 and is currently maintained by Justin Law. The Dividend Champions list may be obtained for free for personal, non-commercial use from the DRIP Investing... Read more