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5 Monthly Dividend Stocks Paying Up to 20%

These Dividend Stocks Pay Reliable Monthly Income
I know from talking with other income investors that virtually all of them want to earn more frequent payouts from their portfolios.
Hey, I love dividend stocks. But it’s hard to sync their quarterly payouts with monthly expenses.
Bond investors have it even worse. Fixed-income investments tend to only pay coupons once or twice a year. So, for those of us counting on our portfolios to pay the bills, that presents a big challenge.
Thankfully, there’s an answer.
Over the past few years, more companies have dropped the traditional quarterly dividend payout schedule. Instead, hundreds of firms have opted to pay distributions on a monthly basis.
The situation presents a real win-win situation. Companies gain... more

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What Is A Dividend Trap?

Seeking AlphaDividend StrategyWhat Is A Dividend Trap?Jul. 3, 2020 7:45 AM ET|| Includes: HTZby: The Dividend GuyThe Dividend Guy Dividend Growth RocksA service focused on stocks doubling their payouts within 10 years.SummaryA dividend trap is a company offering a good yield - something probably higher than 5%, something that you can picture yourself retiring on.
Behind that high yield, there is a company with a flawed business model, with a management that doesn't know what to do with their money besides giving it away to shareholders. They are unable to make it grow.
If you find a company you like and the yield is over 5%, there's a red flag there. You should investigate and understand why it's happening.
A dividend trap will do two things in your portfolio. First,... more

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Blue Chip DRiP Portfolio: June Dividends And Covered Calls Update

Seeking AlphaDividend StrategyBlue Chip DRiP Portfolio: June Dividends And Covered Calls UpdateJul. 3, 2020 3:50 AM ET|| Includes: ABBV, AM, ARCC, AVGO, BEP, BP, BPYU, CAH, D, DEA, ENB, ET, GD, GLW, IP, IRM, JNJ, KEY, KHC, LAND, LYB, MCD, MMM, NWL, PBCT, PFE, PFF, PPL, PRU, QCOM, RDS-B, SO, T, UPS, VLO, WBA, WFC, XOMby: Blue Chip DRiPBlue Chip DRiP SummaryJune dividend income was better than anticipated, considering the widespread dividend slashing and freezes.
Even with a suspension from Ford, and a stinging cut from Shell, we still received $1952.04 from 31 different stocks in June.
All-time dividends received are up to $16,996.01 since we began this portfolio in February 2019.
None of our holdings announced dividend raises and one announced a cut.
In addition to dividends,... more


Falck Renewables: Resilient With Leverage Opportunities, But Dividend Too Small

Seeking AlphaDividend IdeasFalck Renewables: Resilient With Leverage Opportunities, But Dividend Too SmallJul. 2, 2020 7:55 PM ET|| About: Falck Renewables SPA (FKRNF), Includes: ERGZFby: Bocconi's Valkyrie Trading SocietyBocconi's Valkyrie Trading Society Value, growth at reasonable price, long onlySummaryFalck has quite a lot of capacity coming online soon, warranting its slightly higher multiple over peers.
However, in a crisis market where stocks can be indiscriminately discounted, a more ample dividend is preferred.
Although Falck fits a lot of parameters, especially the critical resilience parameters to make it attractive in a COVID-19 environment, we would pass on it for better income propositions.
By Felipe Bijit
Utilities continue to be a supremely... more

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Hooker Furniture: Steady Dividend Growth With Rising Demand

Seeking AlphaLong Ideas | Consumer Hooker Furniture: Steady Dividend Growth With Rising DemandJul. 2, 2020 5:46 PM ET|| About: Hooker Furniture Corporation (HOFT), Includes: BSET, BUY, CSB, ETH, FDM, FLXS, HVT, IWN, LCUT, LOVE, LZB, SNBR, URTY, UWM, VIRC, VTIby: Patrik MackovychPatrik Mackovych Long/short equity, medium-term horizon, macro, portfolio strategySummaryIndustrial production in the furniture segment probably hit bottom.
Increased tariffs cut the company's profitability in fiscal 2020 so that the company shifts its production.
COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown measures caused supply disruptions and demand shock but should not endanger its strong financial position. Data from Google Trends confirms a healthy recovery process.
The company declared dividends every... more


First BanCorp. Announces Payment of Dividends on Preferred Stock

First BanCorp. (the “Corporation”) (NYSE: FBP), the bank holding company for FirstBank Puerto Rico, announced today that its Board of Directors has declared the following monthly cash dividends on its outstanding shares of Series A through E Noncumulative Perpetual Monthly Income Preferred Stock (the “Preferred Stock”):... more

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Ark Restaurants Announces Cancellation of March Dividend Payment

Ark Restaurants Corp. (Nasdaq: ARKR) today announced cancellation of its March dividend payment. On March 13, 2020, the Company announced that, in light of the unprecedented circumstances and rapidly changing situation with respect to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), as part of an overall plan to preserve cash flow, the Board of Directors determined that it was appropriate for the Company to defer payment of the dividend that was declared on March 2, 2020. Based on the information that was available at that time, the payment of such dividend was deferred until such time as the Board of Directors determined that payment may have been appropriate. However, in light of the events that have occurred since March 13, 2020 related to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the rapid development and... more

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8% Dividend And 18% FCF Yield, 5x P/E, 50% Net Cash Makes Diamond Hill An Attractive Buy

Seeking AlphaLong Ideas | Financials 8% Dividend And 18% FCF Yield, 5x P/E, 50% Net Cash Makes Diamond Hill An Attractive BuyJul. 2, 2020 2:41 PM ET|| About: Diamond Hill Investment Group, Inc. (DHIL)by: Value Investment PrincipalsValue Investment Principals Small-cap, Deep ValueSummary8.1% dividend yield, with 12 consecutive special dividend payouts.
11.7% income CAGR and AUM growth of 8.4% over the last 5 years.
P/E is 5.5x ex-cash and this makes DHIL very undervalued.
Good performance of small caps and turnaround going forward, could present tailwinds for DHIL - see industry analysis.
5.5x ex-cash P/E, 10% FCF yield, 8% dividend yield
The Diamond Hill Investment Group (DHIL) is an active asset manager, with a 20-year history, close to $18bn in AUM and a value... more


Dividend Champions For July 2020

Seeking AlphaDividend Quick PicksDividend Champions For July 2020Jul. 2, 2020 1:50 PM ET|| Includes: AMNB, AMNF, ARE, AVY, CATC, COR, CSFL, CZFS, DCI, EE, EXR, FMBI, FNLC, HCKT, HDB, HIFS, HWBK, JW-A, JW-B, KR, LEG, LII, LUV, LYB, MAIN, MATX, MGP, NFG, NHC, O, ODC, POR, PSBQ, RBC, SCVL, SPG, SPG.PJ, SSB, TCO, TCO.PJ, TGT, THFF, TIF, TOWN, UBA, UBP, UBP.PH, UBP.PK, UHT, UNH, UNTY, VTR, WASH, WEBK, WOR, WPC, WRB, WRB.PB, WRB.PC, WRB.PD, WRB.PE, WRB.PFby: Justin LawJustin Law The Dividend KingsDividend ideas from a top team of analysts to help you sleep well at night.SummaryMonthly update of the Dividend Champions List.
20 companies declared higher dividends in the past month, with an average increase of 4.30% over their previous payouts.
One new King and one new Contender.
About... more


Microsoft: Future Dividends Do Not Justify The Current Price

Seeking AlphaDividend Ideas | Tech Microsoft: Future Dividends Do Not Justify The Current PriceJul. 2, 2020 12:19 PM ET|| About: Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)by: Oleh KombaievOleh Kombaiev Commodities, internet, medium-term horizon, ETF investingVisualized Analytics.cls-1{fill:#024999;}SummaryLast year, Microsoft spent 35% of its net income on dividends. This is a relatively high rate.
But even if we assume that the payout ratio will remain at the current level, it can't justify the current price of the company.
The Dividend Discount Model based target price for Microsoft's is below the current level.
I believe that when buying stocks of a company it is always important to understand what is the driver of its capitalization growth. Otherwise, it is impossible to determine... more