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ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETFs Declare First Quarter Distributions

The ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETF (NYSE: SDOG), the ALPS International Sector Dividend Dogs ETF (NYSE: IDOG) and the ALPS Emerging Sector Dividend Dogs ETF (NYSE: EDOG) (the “Funds”) declared their first quarter 2018 distributions on March 21, 2018 in the amounts of $0.4262 for SDOG, $0.32374 for IDOG and $0.14 for EDOG. The dividends are payable on March 29, 2018 to shareholders of record on March 23, 2018.... more

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This Dividend Stock’s 10% Yield Is Growing

A Growing 10% Yielder
Today’s chart highlights another winner in the healthcare business, senior housing.
Regular readers have heard our bullish argument on senior housing before. As the population gets older, we’re going to need more nursing homes, retirement communities, and long-term care facilities.
This trend has represented one of the market’s biggest tailwinds over the past few years. Senior housing providers have delivered double-digit returns over the past decade. And we’ve seen it driving dividends higher for many partnerships, like HCP, Inc. (NYSE: HCP), Ventas, Inc. (NYSE: VTR), and Welltower Inc (NYSE: WELL).
Today, we can see this trend’s success with Omega Healthcare Investors Inc (NYSE: OHI). This real... more

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Time To Buy Ventas While It Is On Sale - Yield 6.2%

This research report was jointly produced with High Dividend Opportunities co-author Jussi Askola.
"Buy quality businesses when confronted with challenges and offered on the cheap…"
… Simple investment advice offered by the most prominent investors of our ages. And yet, a very difficult one to apply in practice…
Quality companies, or "blue chips", are the type of companies that are defined by superior business models, conservative capital structures, outstanding track records, and finally a moat to protect the earnings generation potential far into the future. In this sense, such companies tend to trade at elevated valuations and rightfully so.
That said, this does not mean that blue chips never run into challenges. Even the very... more

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Wiley Announces Quarterly Dividend

John Wiley and Sons Inc. (NYSE: JWA) (NYSE: JWB), a global research and learning company, today announced that the Board of Directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.32 per share on its Class A and Class B Common Stock, payable on April 18, 2018 to shareholders of record on April 3, 2018.... more

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Atlantica Yield: Further Dividend Increases Ahead

Atlantica Yield (Nasdaq: AY) had a solid final quarter in 2017, recording growth in revenues and adjusted EBITDA. The sale of Abengoa’s 25% stake in Atlantica Yield to Algonquin is a big positive in our view, which has the experience and financial strength to drive Atlatica’s continued growth through accretive project developments.
This article builds on our previous analysis of Atlantica Yield's performance.
Company Overview Atlantica is a YieldCo which invests in renewable projects, conventional energy generation projects, transmission lines, and water transportation across the US, South America, and EMEA:
1,442MW renewable assets 300MW conventional energy generation 1,099 miles of transmission lines 10.5Mft/day water transportation assets All of Atlantica... more

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General Mills' Dividend Is Now Of Questionable Health

By Valuentum Analysts
On March 21, consumer staple General Mills (NYSE: GIS) reported better-than-expected fiscal third-quarter results that showed reported net sales advancing 2% and operating profit increasing 9%, both measures over the comparable period last year. Though the top and bottom-line numbers appeared to be solid (adjusted diluted earnings per share leapt 8% in constant currency to $0.79), the market is picking up on concerns related to its gross margin, which fell 250 basis points on an adjusted basis in the quarter, as cost headwinds seem to only be growing. In particular, management noted that the decline in the gross margin was driven by “higher…freight and logistics costs, commodity inflation, and other operational costs, as well as higher merchandising... more


The Market Is Dead Wrong About These 2 High-Yield Blue Chip Stocks

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In my own high-yield retirement portfolio my goal is to buy top quality dividend growth stocks at great prices. That usually means that I'm being "greedy when others are fearful" and snapping up what the market hates the most.
Well right now there are few industries more despised on Wall Street than MLPs. The sector has been hit with a perfect storm of negative short-term factors over the past few years including: the worst oil crash in more than half a century, rising interest rates, and now a black swan regulatory bombshell.
EPD Total Return Price data by YCharts
On March 15th, 2018 the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or FERC, overturned a 2005 rule that allowed MLPs to deduct an income tax allowance on cost of service contracts for... more

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Beware Of These 'Sucker Yields': The Bracket Buster Edition

As I have stated many times of the years, my primary goal as a REIT analyst is to not only steer investors towards promising picks, but to also help them avoid the losers. Simply put, the best advice I can offer any REIT investor is to pay close attention to underlying cash flows and most importantly to always “protect principal at ALL costs”.
Warren Buffett suggests that there is only one rule when it comes to money – don’t lose any, as he said,

To be clear, nobody likes losing money, and most of us have experienced bad investments. Buffett personally lost about $23 billion in the financial crisis of 2008, and his company, Berkshire Hathaway, lost its revered AAA ratings.
Part of the reason that I write on Seeking Alpha is to... more

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Upcoming Dividends: 79 Companies, 25 Increases, 13 Double-Digit Increases

Introduction The information presented below was created based on combining the "U.S. Dividend Champion" spreadsheet compiled by David Fish hosted here with upcoming dividend information from the Nasdaq. This meshes metrics about companies with dividend growth history with upcoming dividend payments (and whether those payments are increasing). These lists highlight the companies with a minimum 5-year dividend growth history.
There are companies that, for various reasons, do not appear in the more storied "Dividend Aristocrats" list. The list here is more exhaustive and may contain companies that otherwise may fly below the radar.
Lastly, the ex-dividend date listed is the date you need to have hit the "buy" button by. If the date is a Tuesday, you... more


Is KKR's BDC 10% Dividend Yield Sustainable?

BDC Buzz Articles Update As mentioned in "New BDC Focus: Rising Portfolio Yields & Recent Insider Purchases", over the coming months, I will be focused on some of the positive changes in the business development company ("BDC") sector including rising portfolio yields and recent insider purchases. The goal is to show that most BDCs will benefit from rising interest rates and that insiders are "eating their own cooking" as current BDC share prices are likely oversold, especially given that there will likely be improved (or at least maintained) net interest margins and dividend coverage in 2018. Obviously, this information will first be provided to subscribers of Sustainable Dividends.
Also, I will try to have a section in the beginning of each article... more

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