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Wall Street's 36 Favorite 'Safer' Dividend Stocks For 2018

Actionable Conclusions (1-10): Brokers Predicted Top Ten Wall St Favorite ‘Safer’ Dividend Stocks To Net 44.38% to 118.48% Gains To December, 2018
Four of the ten top Wall St. Favorite ‘Safer’ DiviDogs by yield (shaded in the chart above) were verified as being among the top ten gainers for the coming year based on analyst 1 year target prices. Thus the dog strategy for this group as graded by analyst estimates for this month proved 40% accurate.
Ten probable profit-generating trades were culled by YCharts for 2018:
Salem Media Group (SALM) was forecast to net $1,184.76 based on estimates from two analysts plus dividends less broker fees. The Beta number showed this estimate subject to volatility 16% more than the market as a whole.
Xperi (XPER)... more


Top 10 Net Payout Yields For December 2017

This article is a continuation of a monthly series highlighting the top net payout yield (NYSE: NPY) stocks that was started back in June 2012 and explained in August 2012. The series highlights the best stocks for the upcoming month utilized in part to make investment decisions for the IB Asset Management model that has beaten the S&P 500 for five out of the seven years on the platform. Please review the original articles for more information on the NPY concept.
November Returns Below are two charts highlighting the monthly returns of the top 10 stocks from November (see list here). For presentation reasons, the chart is broken into the Top 5 and Next 5 lists.
The Top 5 stocks had another weak month in November following a disappointing October. The S&P 500 index produced... more

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By How Much Will Consolidated Edison Raise Its Dividend Next Month?

Consolidated Edison (ED) has enjoyed a strong rally lately and has thus climbed to new all-time highs. In addition, it is expected to announce a dividend hike next month. Therefore, as most of its shareholders are holding the stock for its dividend, I will analyze what dividend hike they should be expecting.
First of all, the company has an exceptional record of dividend growth. More precisely, it has raised its dividend for 43 consecutive years and hence it is a dividend aristocrat. Moreover, while most utility stocks are popular for their generous dividends, Consolidated Edison is the only utility stock that is a dividend aristocrat. This remarkably consistent growth record is a proof of the reliable growth trajectory of the company, which results from the regulated nature of its... more

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Pattern Energy Group - Great Potential And A Great Dividend

Given that I'm under the age of 30, time is definitely on my side when it comes to investing. I am fairly risk-tolerant, but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate some dividend investing when certain opportunities present themselves where I can find yields over 4% coming from a strong company that plays into macro trends. Some of current holdings where I have focused on dividends are Stag Industrial (STAG), 8point3 Energy Partners (CAFD), and Enbridge (ENB); and now, Pattern Energy Group (PEGI) has joined the party. I had been eyeballing the company for a while and after conducting some analysis (which I will share below) I decided to take allocate 5% of my portfolio to PEGI.
So What Does Pattern Do? PEGI is in the business of renewables - mostly in wind energy but has its... more

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Our Most Undervalued High Yield Real Estate Play Is Not A REIT

Investment Thesis: Brookfield real estate services Inc., (OTCPK: BREUF) continues to get zero credit for its stable revenue stream that is largely insulated from real estate prices. The window to buy this high yield dividend at a stupidly low price is still open.
The business BREUF, one of the least known Brookfield brands, generates cash flows from fixed and variable fees that are received from real estate brokers operating under the Royal LePage, Via Capitale and Johnston & Daniel brands. As at September 30, 2017, the Company network consisted of 18,117 real estate agents across Canada.

Source: BREUF Q3-2017 presentation
While an individual real estate agent's livelihood is tied to the fortunes of his/her local real estate market, BREUF works off a different... more

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BP's Dividend Prospects Are Finally Improving

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BP (BP) is a name that has been on the minds of dividend investors for a very long time. The oil and gas space is of course littered with companies that make capital returns a top priority, and BP is no different. But the Gulf spill from several years ago as well as the general downturn in commodity prices from more recent times put BP on its back foot in terms of the dividend and buyback. However, recent evidence suggests that those days are dead and gone and that BP is on a much surer footing and that its 6% yield is not only safe, but will grow again at some point. Couple that with its renewal of its buyback, and BP looks very tempting here. In this article, I’ll highlight BP’s FCF generation as a way to support the bull case on capital returns and indeed,... more

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Eastman Chemical: Lock In This Dividend

Although the shares of Eastman Chemical (EMN) are up about 21% over the past twelve months, I think the shares still represent good value at these levels, and I strongly suggest that investors get in before the price rise continues. I’ll go through my reasoning below by focusing on the financial history here, and by modelling the future price based on a reasonable expectation about future dividend growth. I’ll conclude by talking about the (relative) merits of the stock itself compared to the overall market.
Financial History A quick review of the financial history at Eastman indicates that this is a somewhat volatile business. Both revenue and net income can rise or fall precipitously. For this reason, an investor must be sensible enough to know that the business cycle... more

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Retirement Strategy: Applying My Simple Strategy To The Dividend King Retirement Portfolio

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Since the Dividend King Retirement Portfolio is made up of mainly those companies that have paid and raised their dividends for at least 50 consecutive years. Having a strong foundation of these core stocks, which have performed during good times and bad, gives us the flexibility to add "opportunity" stocks with either a high yield or sound potential for growth.
With the anticipated passing of the tax reform bill, there will be many companies that will benefit enough to give this bull market another year of highlights, or more. While this might spur further growth, I still believe that having a core portfolio of dividend kings (as well as a few aristocrats) can help reduce risk and keep a stream of income more reliable.
My Simple Strategy Applied To The... more


When The Market Pushes This Food Stock Yield Above 5.6%, Should You Listen?

Despite the volatility of B&G Foods's (BGS) share price, it has been a key component of the portion of my portfolio whose purpose is to generate dividend income. Without any apparent news, the price hit a high of $39.75 on Monday (December 4th) before closing the day at $39.

By the end of the week, it had touched a low of $33.30 before closing at $33.50. It continued selling off on Monday (December 11th), touching a low of $32.85 before closing the day at $33. Since the 4th, the shares have lost 15.4% on volume that was more than 65% higher than the 90-day average. And, as a result of the sharp move in the share price and order imbalances, the stock exchange circuit breakers kicked in late last week.
There has only been one SEC filing by the company since November,... more

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Boeing Co (NYSE:BA) Increases Dividend by 20%

Boeing Dividend News Good for America
Today, we take a quick look at Boeing Co (NYSE: BA) and note that business can’t be doing that badly in America.
Over the past few years, we’ve run dozens of stories on a simple idea: While the doomers say the country’s best days have passed, things can’t be all that gloomy. For example, we’ve noted the strong returns in railway, restaurant, and manufacturing stocks.
Boeing’s growing distribution provides more proof of this concept in action. The company is the world’s largest maker of commercial jets and represents a decent gauge of passenger traffic. When more people take to the skies, it’s a good sign for the economy.
And judging by the... more

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