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Dassault Systèmes:Amount of the Dividend and Option to Receive Payment of Dividend in the Form of Shares

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125 Monthly Pay Dividend SML Equities And 70 Funds Storm In March

Actionable Conclusions (1-10): Analysts Forecast Top Ten MoPay SML Stocks to Net 16.4% to 54.4% Gains To March, 2019
Three of the ten top-yield MoPay stocks (shaded in the chart above) were also among the Top ten gainers for the coming year based on analyst 1 year target prices. Thus the yield strategy for this MoPay group, as graded by analyst estimates for February, proved 30% accurate.
The following probable profit-generating trades were flagged by estimated dividend returns from $1000 invested in each highest yielding stock. That dividend and the aggregate one year analyst median target price, as reported by YCharts, created the 2018-19 data. Ten probable profit-generating trades projected to March 20, 2019 were:
Bonterra Energy (OTCPK: BNEFF) [BNE.TO] netted $544.44 based... more


Coca-Cola: Is This Dividend King Attractive Right Now?

By The Sure Dividend Staff
Many consumer staples companies have long dividend growth histories, The Coca-Cola Company (KO) is one of them. As one of the Dividend Kings — companies that have raised their dividend for at least 50 years in a row — the company’s shares are beloved by many income focused retail investors. You can see all 25 Dividend Kings here.
Due to changes in its business structure and due to changes in the beverages industry over the recent past its growth rate has come down over the last couple of years. A juicy dividend yield and low vulnerability towards an economic downturn still make Coca-Cola a solid pick for risk-averse investors.
Business Overview Coca-Cola is one of the biggest beverage companies in the world. With a market... more

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AMLP: What's In The Pipeline? For Starters - An 8.7% Yield

The market continues to pummel MLPs and pipeline-related stocks. The FERC decision last week accelerated the decline of a massively out-of-favor energy sector. That said, today's oil inventory report was bullish, and the Alerian MLP ETF (AMLP) remains my choice for investing in the broad MLP sector. It's a diversified fund that pays excellent income and stands to benefit from continued growth production - and demand for - domestic oil and gas. There's no K-1 to file at tax time, and the fund can be owned in retirement accounts. Yet there are risks to investing in this contrarian play. This article will discuss all of this and more.
Holdings The top-10 holdings in the AMLP ETF are shown below and equate to roughly 70% of the entire fund:
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Campbell Declares Quarterly Dividend

The Board of Directors of Campbell Soup Company (NYSE: CPB) today declared a regular quarterly dividend on Campbell’s capital stock of $0.35 per share. The quarterly dividend is payable April 30, 2018 to shareholders of record at the close of business April 11, 2018.... more

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CVS Health Dividend Stock Analysis

CVS Health Corporation (CVS), together with its subsidiaries, provides integrated pharmacy health care services. It operates through Pharmacy Services and Retail/LTC segments. The Pharmacy Services Segment provides a range of pharmacy benefit management (NYSEMKT:PBM) solutions. The Retail Pharmacy segment includes retail drugstores, online retail pharmacy Websites and its retail healthcare clinics. This dividend achiever has paid a dividend since 1916 and increased it for 14 years in a row.
The most recent dividend increase was in December 2016, when the Board of Directors approved a 17.60% increase in the quarterly dividend to 50 cents/share. Pending the company's acquisition of insurer Aetna (NYSE: AET), the board has stopped the share buybacks and dividend increases. While the... more

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Apple: A Future Dividend Aristocrat By 2037?

As an income and dividend growth investor, I do love dividends, and so do many other investors. Not only do dividends provide a substantial part of overall total return, but they also provide passive income that you can either use to replace existing expenses or, even better, reinvest into your portfolio to nurture an (in the beginning slowly) exponentially growing dividend snowball on your quest to financial independence.
Moreover, as investors duly learn during crises, stable and proven businesses very regularly still continue to distribute dividends, with the most financially stable businesses even increasing those. This provides a real downward cushion and is just the icing on the cake.
Although there is a very long list of current Dividend Aristocrats, the dividend growth for... more

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Health Care REIT Yields 6.5%, Strong Growth Trends, Sustainable Dividend, Attractive Valuation

HCP, Inc. (HCP) is poised to benefit from two long-term trends in the health care REIT sector: An aging U.S. population and a strong projected increase in health care expenditures. Hence, HCP is an attractive income play for investors seeking high, stable dividend income. HCP's dividend is reasonably safe, and shares have an attractive reward-to-risk combination at today's price point. An investment in HCP comes with an entry yield of 6.5 percent.
Investors seeking high dividend income may want to consider real estate investment trust HCP, Inc. on the drop. The REIT's shares now can be bought near 52-week lows (latest @$21.48).
Higher expected interest rates and bond yields have been a major headwind for health care REITs in 2018. However, considering the long-term... more

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3M: A Dividend King For The Ages

By Nate Parsh
Founded in 1902, 3M (MMM) was intended to be a mining company that would find minerals used in sand paper and grinding wheels. While the company wasn’t successful in this initial adventure, the founders’ turned to working with different materials to produce innovative new products for customers in order to grow their business.
That spirit of innovation lives on as 3M now has a portfolio of more than 60,000 products that are used in homes, offices, hospitals, schools and businesses around the world. 3M employees more than 90,000 people and sells its products in more 200 countries.
3M is also a member of the Dividend Aristocrats. Dividend Aristocrats are those that have raised dividends every year for at least 25 years. There only 53 such companies in... more

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ABM Industries: A Recession-Resistant Dividend King

By Josh Arnold
ABM Industries (ABM) has an amazing track record when it comes to paying dividends to shareholders. ABM is part of the Dividend Kings, a group of stocks that have raised their payouts for at least 50 consecutive years. You can see all 25 Dividend Kings here.
Dividend Kings are the best of the best when it comes to rewarding shareholders with cash and this article will discuss ABM's dividend, as well as its valuation and outlook.
Business Overview ABM was founded back in 1909 and since that time, it has grown into a powerhouse of facility solutions with more than 130,000 employees, virtually all of which are in the US. The company competes in a wide variety of activities for its clients but it is most heavily involved in janitorial work. Below we can see the... more

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