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The First Bancorp Declares Fourth Quarter Dividend

The Board of Directors of The First Bancorp (Nasdaq: FNLC), the parent company of First National Bank, today declared a quarterly dividend of 30 cents per share. This first quarter dividend is payable April 20, 2020, to shareholders of record as of April 10, 2020. Based on the March 25, 2020 closing price of $19.99 per share, the annualized dividend of $1.20 per share translates to a yield of 6.00%.... more

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Genuine Parts Yielding Over 5% But Be Wary

Genuine Parts Company's stock price was down by nearly half at one point. The stock is still trading well below its 52-week high.
The company is a Dividend King having raised the dividend for over 64 consecutive years. The current yield is over 5%.
The stock is undervalued.
Coronavirus will likely impact earnings and operating cash flow leading to lower dividend coverage in the near-term.
Introduction and Thesis
Genuine Parts Company (GPC) is now yielding over 5%. Historically, when this stock is yielding over 5% it has occurred during a bear market. In fact, looking back, the yield has only gone over 5% during three periods: the dot.com crash, the Great Recession, and the cornavirus crisis. Genuine Parts has a lot of characteristics that most dividend growth investors... more


Falcon Minerals Will Survive And Yield

Falcon is an unhedged mineral interest yield play that has fallen sharply with oil and the energy group in general.
The name has no capital budget to cut but it's interests lie in prime drilling real estate.
We have run multiple price decks and a low and high range production levels to bracket a high range of implied forward yields.
This is a Z4 Research (www.zmansenergybrain.com) quick model update.
We have previously written a background piece on (FLMN) here when commodity prices were considerably higher. Yes, we labeled that one set to soar and it briefly did, before being brought low by Covid-19 and the Saudi/Russia failure to communicate and coordinate.
In brief this is a mineral interest name. They have no capex to reduce (their operators do) and they... more

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Opportunities In The Battered Preferred Space: Yields Up To 8%

Preferred stocks are the type of investments that you want to acquire during periods of crisis or downturns.
They tend to be thinly traded which, driven by mutual fund and ETF liquidations (namely PFF), which indiscriminately redeems all shares pro rata.
This creates a 'baby out with the bathwater' type of environment and we are going to be sifting through the rubble to find high quality, high-yielding preferreds.
We want to find the preferred stocks of high-quality companies that can adjust in the current environment and whose revenue isn't getting shut down by self-isolation.
These firms have very strong balance sheets that even if their businesses falter a bit, have a significant cushion to protect the preferred shareholder.
(Co-produced with Landlord... more

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Granite Declares Quarterly Dividend

Granite Construction Incorporated (NYSE: GVA) today announced that its Board of Directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.13 per common share. The dividend is payable on April 15, 2020, to all shareholders of record at the close of business on March 31, 2020.... more

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Ares Capital's NAV, Dividend, And Valuation Vs. 14 BDC Peers (Post Q4 2019 Earnings, Including Current Price Target)

Part 1 of this article compares ARCC’s recent quarterly change in NAV, quarterly and trailing twelve-month economic return, NII, and current valuation to fourteen BDC peers.
Other metrics analyzed include each company’s cumulative realized gain (loss) per share, NII per share, price to annualized NII ratio, and percentage of income attributable to capitalized PIK income.
As a direct result of the recent notable sector sell-off, many stocks (including ARCC) are now attractively-very attractively priced.
I also provide a list of the other BDC stocks I currently believe are undervalued (a buy recommendation), overvalued (a sell recommendation), and appropriately valued (a hold recommendation).
While I am projecting at least a modest increase in credit risk (and non-accruals)... more


Enterprise Products Partners: COVID-19 Has Created A 12.2% Yield And Opportunity

EPD is well positioned to ride out COVID-19 with $6.4 billion in liquidity and $1.4 billion cash on hand.
EPD's track record of paying an increased distribution is backed up by 21 years of annual growth and generating $6.6 billion of DCF in 2019.
The global population is still projected to reach 10 billion in 2057, and this will increase the global energy demand as we need more electricity, fuels, and plastics.
The energy markets are in a global rut making now a good time to look for well-run companies with critical infrastructure for the future.
As we end Q1 of 2020, the markets are certainly not playing out how analysts and investors had envisioned. COVID-19 has pulled the rug out from under the bull market as the major indices shed roughly a 1/3rd of their value in a... more


21 Upcoming Dividend Increases

All stocks have at least five fiscal years of dividend growth history and come from the U.S. Dividend Champions List.
21 increases for next week (up from 3 last week).
An average increase of 7.94% and median increase of 6.56%.
Coronavirus fears continue to drive valuations down and yields up.
This article series is designed to keep investors informed of upcoming dividend increases. For dividend growth investors, this can be an opportunity to start or add to positions prior to a new increased payout. This can be especially important for retirees who live on dividend checks.
The lists I've compiled provide various stats for the stocks that are increasing their dividends next week.
This list is a trimmed-down version only covering dividend increases. A... more


Dividend Growth Investing Doesn't (Necessarily) Work

Bad news for dividend growth investors.
Dividend growth ETFs fail the market stress test.
An alternative approach to consider.
The best thing about a ferocious and sudden bear market is that it provides us all with a golden opportunity to see which investment strategies work... and which do not. And by "not working," I simply mean that the portfolio doesn't offer higher returns with less risk than a cheap and basic alternative such as an S&P 500 index fund.
If you are like me, you gravitate towards the idea of owning companies with lengthy histories of consistently rising dividends. These seem like they must be lower-risk companies than their counterparts, having stood the test of time and generously lined the pockets of their eager shareholders. If the dividend growth is... more

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VWOB: Value In EM Bonds With 5.3% Yield Despite Near-Term Pressures

VWOB invests in emerging markets U.S. dollar-denominated government bonds and related quasi-sovereign state-owned companies.
The coronavirus pandemic represents a major global disruption to economic activity, and emerging markets are particularly exposed given the importance of trade and commodities.
Despite significant stress to the credit profiles of several emerging market economies, we do not expect widespread defaults, suggesting the diversified VWOB bond portfolio should maintain value.
The deep selloff in the ETF in recent weeks has presented a compelling buying opportunity given a yield of 5.3% and a more favorable risk-adjusted returns outlook.
The Vanguard Emerging Markets Government Bond Index ETF (VWOB) invests in U.S. dollar-denominated bonds issued by foreign... more

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