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15 CEOs Showing Confidence With Increased Dividends

It is very easy for a CEO to get on a conference call and talk about confidence in the future while communicating glowing projections, but do they really believe what they are saying? Are there any actions that would make you believe what they are saying? Senior management purchasing company stock is a strong indicator of confidence in the future. Another indicator is sticking with a dividend plan, including regular increases. Below are several select companies with a management confident enough to increase their cash dividends:First Pactrust Bancorp, Inc. (FPTB) operates as a holding company for Pacific Trust Bank that provides retail banking services primarily in San Diego and Riverside Counties, California. December 1st the company increased its quarterly dividend 4.3% to $0.12 per... more


7 Dividend Stocks All Retirees Should Consider

As a follow-up to a recent article (7 Income Stocks All Retirees Should Own), we are recommending additional equities that retirees should investigate as a part of their portfolio. Our central belief is that in a low interest-rate world, retirees are experiencing dwindling incomes from their risk-free assets (e.g. government bonds and cash equivalents). With ultra easy monetary policy the Federal Reserve will continue to pick the pockets of savers by keeping rates low with inflation (as measured by the CPI) at above 3%. We do not foresee interest rates at the short end of the curve rising any time soon. The debt burdens of sovereign governments as well as consumers are simply too high. Click on charts to enlarge: Stable Income Streams With a diversified portfolio of high-quality... more

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The World's Best Dividend Portfolio

Our total portfolio performance moved from -5% last week to -1.9% this week, a good weekly improvement by any measure. But wow, what a week for the S&P, which moved from -9% on our scorecard to -2.4%. That narrowed our outperformance from 4.0 percentage points last week to a modest 0.5 points now. But I'm confident in the long-run nature of this portfolio, and I fully expect to outperform. We have six stocks outperforming the index. And even if our capital goes down in the interim, we'll still see dividends while we wait. As I mentioned last week, because of the Fool's trading restrictions, I have yet to add to my Annaly position. And I've decided to up my reinvestment in Annaly to $170. While not all the news has been good from the mortgage REIT sector, Annaly still... more

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The S&P's Best Dividend Stocks

Last week, I took a look at the 30 giant companies of the Dow Jones Industrials (INDEX: ^DJI) to find the cream of the crop among the average's dividend-paying blue chips. But beyond the Dow, there are hundreds of equally impressive large-cap dividend payers to choose from -- and among them, you'll find a select few that put even the best Dow stocks to shame. I'll reveal my picks for the best dividend stocks in the S&P 500 (^INDEX: GSPC) later in this article. But first, I want to explain why I'm changing up my methodology slightly from last week.... more

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Battle of the Dividends: Telecom vs. Tobacco

In today's edition, Austin and Andrew take the gloves off and go for an industry smackdown with industries known for their high dividend yields. It's probably no surprise that we're talking tobacco and telecom. In today's video, you'll hear about dividend kings such as Altria, CenturyLink, and AT&T. Each industry is faced with its own unique obstacles, so watch our take on which industry comes out on top.... more

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Stocks Trading Ex-Dividend Monday, 12/05: (AVY) (CUZ) (GHL) (AEE) (PTNR)

The following is a list of companies trading ex-dividend November 5th:
Avery Dennison Corp. (NYSE: AVY), paying 25 cents with a current yield of 3.7%;
Cousins Properties Inc. (NYSE: CUZ), paying 4.5 cents with a current yield of 3.0%;
Greenhill & Co., Inc. (NYSE: GHL), paying 45 cents with a current yield of 4.6%;
Ameren Corp. (NYSE: AEE), paying 40 cents with a current yield of 4.8%; and
Partner Communications Company Ltd. (Nasdaq: PTNR), paying 8.5 cents with a current yield of 3.5%.... more

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5 Snoozer Dividends to Get Excited About

That's not a bad strategy. History has shown that a real snoozer company can generate impressive returns. With that in mind, here are five somewhat dull companies from my watchlist that you can get excited about. Company Forward P/E Projected Yield Payout Ratio Philip Morris International (NYSE: PM) 14.4 4% 57% Home Depot (NYSE: HD) 14.7 3% 43% Vodafone (Nasdaq: VOD) 9.6 7.7%* 54% Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) 8.3 3.1% 23% Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) 9.7 3.4% 32% Source: Yahoo! Finance.*Based on trailing 12-month dividends. Got a light?Philip Morris International remains my favorite tobacco... more

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General American Investors Announces: Issue Price for the 2011 Year-End Dividend and Distribution Payable on December 23, 2011

General American Investors Company, Inc. (NYSE symbol - GAM), a closed-end investment company, announced that the price at which shares of its common stock will be issued to stockholders who elected to receive additional shares in payment of the 2011 year-end dividend and distribution on its common stock will be $25.48 per share. The issue price represents the average between the high and the low prices on the New York Stock Exchange on December 2, 2011, which was below the net asset value of $30.04 per share on that date. The dividend and distribution is payable on December 23, 2011. As announced on November 2, the dividend and distribution amounts to $0.50 per share in the aggregate and consist of:
A distribution of $0.3297 per share from net long-term capital gains on... more

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Friedman Industries, Incorporated Announces Cash Dividend

The Board of Directors of Friedman Industries, Incorporated (NYSE-Amex: FRD), a Texas-based company engaged in pipe manufacturing, steel processing and steel and pipe distribution, declared on December 2, 2011, a quarterly cash dividend of $0.13 per share on the Common Stock of the Company. The Company will pay the cash dividend on February 17, 2012, to shareholders of record at the close of business on January 20, 2012.... more

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Delaware Investments® Dividend and Income Fund, Inc. Announces Dividends

Today, Delaware Investments Dividend and Income Fund, Inc. (the “Fund”), a New York Stock Exchange-listed closed-end fund trading under the symbol “DDF,” declares a monthly dividend of $0.0575 per share. This dividend is payable December 30, 2011, to shareholders of record at the close of business on December 16, 2011. The ex-dividend date will be December 14, 2011.... more

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