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EVA Stock: An Overlooked High-Dividend Stock Now Yields 8.25%

Earn a Reliable Income from This 8.25% Yielder
When I was working at a tech startup a few years ago, I learned that one of the most important things when building a business is to find your customer’s pain point and deliver a product or service that can solve the problem. In today’s stock market, many successful companies are following that approach. One of them stands out due to its high dividend yield: Enviva Partners LP (NYSE: EVA).
Enviva doesn’t serve individual customers like you and I. Instead, its main customers are electric utilities. So, what is their pain point?
Well, in some parts of the world–such as the U.K., the European Union, and Japan–there are strict national-level renewable energy targets. For instance, the Renewable Energy... more

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Verizon Communications is an Overlooked Dividend Stock

VZ Stock Has a High Dividend Yield of 5.09%
Finding a dividend-paying stock is very easy to find since it only takes a few seconds searching online. But what if you also want a stock that offers both dividend income and capital preservation? While these all tend to go hand and hand, that is not always the case.
A company that pays out a dividend will have lower daily volatility compared to the overall markets. This is because returns come via both dividend income and capital gains, based on the stock price increasing. A growing dividend means volatility is reduced even further, since the market notices the growth.
One company with a stock that offers all this is Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ). Its stock also boasts a high dividend yield, meaning an annual dividend return... more

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Nestle: Dan Loeb is Buying This Top Dividend Stock

“This Could Trigger a Dividend Boom For Investors”
Billionaire Dan Loeb just made a multi-billion bet on Nestle SA (ADR) (OTCMKTS:NSRGY), and income investors should take note.
On Sunday, Loeb’s hedge fund Third Point announced a 40-million share stake in the Swiss goods giant. The position totals $3.5 billion in size, including options. (Source: “Dan Loeb Letter On Nestle,” ValueWalk, June 25, 2017.)
And he’s pushing for big changes. According to the investor letter, Loeb wants Nestle to increase stock buybacks, downsize its product portfolio, and sell off its stake in L’Oreal SA. Loeb also sees room for significant margin improvement, coming from a combination of layoffs and other cost-cutting measures.
“It... more

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Westwood Holdings Group: 2017 M* MoneyMadam Dividend Machine

I have selected Westwood Holdings Group (NYSE: WHG) for inclusion in my 2017 M* MoneyMadam Dividend Machine Portfolio.
Fiduciary Rule impacted WHG stock price and assets under management. WHG stock price rebounded from $55.77 to $57.06 in last two weeks. Stock has delivered 13.63% annual dividend growth over past 3 years. Acquisitions have shored up WHG business. WHG meets my 2017 Dividend Machine Fundamentals. Before I left on vacation, I targeted Westwood Holdings Group, symbol WHG, for inclusion in my 2017 portfolio; however, I had not completed my review and waited until I returned to write up this story. During that 2 weeks, the stock price moved from $55.77 to $57.06.
Started by Susan Bryce in 1983 to provide advisory services that could be... more

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Annaly Capital Management: Attractive 9.5% Dividend Yield, But Interest Rates Are A Major Risk

Published by Bob Ciura on June 25th, 2017
Annaly Capital Management (NYSE: NLY) appears to be a tale of two stocks.
On one hand, shares have soared 26% year to date. The company's earnings-per-share rose significantly in 2016. Annaly followed this up by turning a loss in the first quarter in 2016 into a profit in the first quarter this year. Investors cheered its first-quarter earnings report, in which a key metric - interest income - came in better than expected.
However, Annaly's dividends are going in the wrong direction. As a mortgage REIT, Annaly is being squeezed by rising interest rates. Annaly stock offers a sky-high dividend yield of 9.5%.
It is one of 416 stocks with a 5%+ dividend yield.
You can see the full list of established 5%+ yielding stocks by... more

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Dividend Diplomats' Recent Buy - Kroger Co.

The buying spree continues here on our website. What makes this one more fun, and we haven’t done this in a long time, is that the two of us purchased the same stock within minutes of each other. Lanny has been the most active of late and recently purchased shares in Cisco (Nasdaq: CSCO). Bert, on the other hand, has been mostly on the sidelines since he and his wife purchased their first house. Last week though, we saw an opportunity that was too good to pass up and pounced. See why we each purchased shares of Kroger (NYSE: KR) during their recent slide.
Why Kroger?

I think we are all pretty familiar with the two events that have hit Kroger over the past few weeks. First, let’s start with the company’s earnings release. This isn’t a shock to many,... more

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Annaly Capital's BV, Dividend And Valuation Compared To 18 mREIT Peers (Includes Q3 2017 Dividend Projection) - Part 2

Author’s Note: PART 1 of this article analyzed Annaly Capital Management Inc.’s (NLY) recent results and compared several of the company’s metrics to eighteen mortgage real estate investment trust (mREIT) peers. PART 1 also showed how NLY’s premium to book value (“BV”) as of 3/31/2017 compared to the eighteen other mREIT peers. PART 1 helps lead to a better understanding of the topics and analysis that will be discussed in PART 2. The link to PART 1’s analysis is provided below:
Annaly Capital's BV, Dividend, And Valuation Compared To 18 mREIT Peers (Post Q1 2017 Earnings) - Part 1
This two-part article is a very detailed analysis comparing NLY to many mREIT peers. I am writing this two-part article due to the continued requests that... more

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Rolls Royce: Dividend Cuts Are Not All Bad

Dividend growth investors thrive on companies which have a long record of consecutive dividend increases to shareholders. The record creates a sense of safety for the income they rely on. A common rule for this investor is the following: when a company with a long record of dividend increases either reduces or eliminates its dividend, the investor should sell their position.
In February 2016, I argued that the dividend cut in Rolls Royce (OTCPK: RYCEF) (OTCPK: RYCEY) signalled the time to buy shares in the battled company. I will go into detail in this article as to why investors should not be so quick to adhere to this principle of selling on a dividend cut.

Rolls Royce: a quick summary of what happened
In February 2015, Rolls Royce would have been on many dividend... more

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Smart Beta Dividend Growth Stocks

Background: What is Smart Beta?
Two years ago, I wrote an article that took a deep dive into “smart beta.” That is the investment industry’s term for weighting or tilting stock portfolios according to certain investment “factors” that have been identified as leading to better long-term returns.
There are two key elements of smart beta indexes:
They use factors to select stocks for the index They weight stocks by factor(s) instead of conventional weighting by capitalization ETFdb.com describes smart beta ETFs this way:
Smart Beta ETFs are funds that follow an alternative weighting strategy compared to the traditional cap-weighted indexes. They are a blend of passive and active investing that adjusts [for] technical and/or fundamental factors... more

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The 5 Best Farm And Construction Equipment Stocks For Dividends

Written by Bob Ciura on June 24th, 2017, for Sure Dividend.
The past few years have been tumultuous for farm and construction stocks. The downturn in commodities prices, such as oil, gas, and crops, have put a huge dent in demand.
As commodity prices plunged, customers of these businesses have cut back on capital spending, particularly when it comes to heavy machinery and equipment.
Some farm and construction stocks have fared better than others, but there is still plenty of value left among these stocks.
And many farm and construction equipment companies have remained highly profitable, even during the downturn, which has allowed them to pay dividends—and even raise them.
This article will discuss the top five farm and construction equipment stocks for dividend... more

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