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The Most Promising Dividends in Specialty Retail

Yields and growth rates and payout ratios, oh my!Before we get to those companies, though, you should understand just why you'd want to own dividend payers. These stocks can contribute a huge chunk of growth to your portfolio in good times, and bolster it during market downturns.
As my colleague Matt Koppenheffer has noted: "Between 2000 and 2009, the average dividend-adjusted return on stocks with market caps above $5 billion and a trailing yield of 2.5% or better was a whopping 114%. Compare that to a 19% drop for the S&P 500."... more

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The Extraordinary Power of Dividends: Progress Energy Edition

"Dividends?" he asked. "I'm trying to make my clients wealthy. You don't do that waiting for tiny checks in the mailbox every quarter." Even then, I had enough horse sense to know he was wrong. Paying attention to dividends is exactly how you become wealthy over time.... more

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Cramer's Latest Dividend Stock Picks

The stock market has been awash in volatility for the past few days and after a sharp decline, it is starting to offer some buying opportunities. CNBC's Jim Cramer has this advice for investors based on current market conditions, "First, stick with dividend-paying stocks because they pay you to wait. Second, avoid Treasury bonds at all costs, especially in light of comments by the U.S. Federal Reserve on Tuesday, announcing it will keep rates low...". Cramer goes on to say, "More than anything else, what you need at this moment is a shopping list of stocks that make sense at these levels and make even more sense if they go lower." See all his comments here. Here is a review of Cramer's latest "Buy, buy, buy" dividend stock picks: Consolidated Edison (ED) is a major utility... more


Acadia Realty Trust Announces Quarterly Dividend

Acadia Realty Trust (NYSE: AKR), today announced the Company’s dividend for the third quarter ending September 30, 2011.... more

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The Extraordinary Power of Dividends: ConocoPhillips Edition

"Dividends?" he asked. "I'm trying to make my clients wealthy. You don't do that waiting for tiny checks in the mailbox every quarter." Even then, I had enough horse sense to know he was wrong. Paying attention to dividends is exactly how you become wealthy over time.... more

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20 High Dividend Stocks Short Sellers Are Targeting

We like high dividend stocks and consider them as alternatives to 10-year Treasury bonds. Like Jim Rogers and Ray Dalio , we are concerned about the Fed’s inflationary monetary policy and want to protect ourselves against inflation. One of the ways we can do this without assuming significant risks is by investing in high dividend stocks. High dividend stocks are usually safer but under some circumstances they might be extremely dangerous. The vulnerable high dividend yielding companies may be targeted by short sellers. So, high short interest in high dividend stocks may signal danger. We compiled the list of stocks that have at least 5% dividend yield and a minimum of 5% open short interest. We also require that the short interest has been increasing... more


Drug Maker Dividend Stocks With Strong Growth Prospects

With the downturn in the markets investors are wondering were to invest. Big healthcare stocks with yields above 4% are a good start.Volatility in healthcare stocks will also be high, but for the long run prospects for healthcare stocks are promising. Aging populations in the U.S. and Europe, strong growth opportunities in emerging markets and some other factors could be beneficial for this sector. click to enlarge Healthcare stocks have been among the market's better performers this year. Drug stocks tend to be defensive bets. The companies do well when investors are nervous about the economy and financial markets.From the listed health care companies with yields above 4 not all of them are of course a buy. AstraZeneca PLC (AZN) AstraZeneca showed weak Q1 numbers with sales for its... more


2 Stocks With Rising Dividends, Falling Payout Ratios, and Recent Winning Streaks

When considering dividend stocks, there are several things to keep in mind. A rising dividend per share is a good sign that management continues to be confident in the company’s success, while a falling payout ratio is preferred because it implies rising earnings without a decrease in dividend sustainability. Both the dividend yield and payout ratio should be low enough that they are considered sustainable (here, we screen for dividend yields below 7% and payout ratios below 35%). We screened for stocks that have seen rising dividends (comparing the current year dividend per share estimate to last year’s dividend per share) while seeing falling payout ratios over the same time period. We screened this universe for stocks that have seen persistence in beating the S&P 500... more

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A Great Time to Buy Dividend Stocks

Over the past week, stock markets kept falling around the world. Investors, scared that the economy is about to fall into another recession, fled stocks and went for safer instruments such as US Treasury bonds. Yet, while dividend stock prices fell in sympathy with the broader market, the drops were not as severe. The reason behind this is the fact that some quality dividend stocks are safer than your average stock. In this article I will explain why the market dip has created a perfect opportunity for dividend investors. Many prominent dividend growth stocks have inherently strong business models, which allow these companies to grow earnings and dividends over time. The reason behind this resilience, even during turbulent economic conditions, is that these companies deliver products or... more

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2 Dividend Stocks With Excellent Perks

It is hard to make sense of the stock market when it's up 200 points one minute and then down 200 points the next. For sure, anyone who cannot sit out the volatility should not be in the market. That said, down markets make stocks cheaper to buy and nobody got rich buying stocks at the top of the market, but many people have gotten rich by buying good values stocks on the way down.Just how can stocks be valued when experts tell us there is going to be another recession and things are going to get worse? They may be right, however: The economy has not done well this past two years, but that has not stopped company earnings from expanding. Two companies that continue to do good business are Royal Caribbean (RCL) and Carnival (CCL). RCL's stock goes ex-dividend on Aug. 10 and pays 10... more

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