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The Most Promising Dividends in Paper & Paper Products

Dividend payers deserve a berth in any long-term stock portfolio. But seemingly attractive dividend yields are not always as fetching as they may appear. Let's see which companies in the paper and paper products industry offer the most promising dividends. Yields and growth rates and payout ratios, oh my!Before we get to those companies, though, you should understand just why you'd want to own dividend payers. These stocks can contribute a huge chunk of growth to your portfolio in good times, and bolster it during market downturns.... more

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Why Does My ETF Dividend Fluctuate So Much?

The total return from any investment can be broken down into two sources, dividends and capital gains. While it is important not to lose sight of the fact that we are ultimately most concerned about total return, it can be informative to track the source of returns between dividend yields and capital gains, particularly for income investors. If you are counting on a specific level of dividend per share from your exchange-traded fund, there is good reason to dig a little deeper into the details of fund operations.An ETF that owns stocks will collect the dividends based on the number of shares of the underlying companies it owns over the course of time. Periodically, it will pay out these collected dividends to its shareholders. But what happens when new ETF shares are created? For example,... more

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PPG Industries: Dividend Stock Analysis

PPG Industries, Inc. (PPG) manufactures and supplies protective and decorative coatings. The company is a Dividend Aristocrat which has increased distributions for 39 years in a row.Over the past decade, this dividend stock has delivered an annualized total return of 9.60% to its loyal shareholders (click to enlarge). The company has managed to deliver a negative average increase in EPS of 6.10% per year since 2000. Analysts expect PPG Industries to earn $5.04 per share in 2010 and $5.68 per share in 2011. This would be a nice increase from the $2.03/share the company earned in 2009. The company’s net income is exposed to the cyclical nature of the company’s business, as it shrinks during downturns but rebounds sharply during upturns. Click to enlarge:Few cyclical companies can... more

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10 Dividend Stocks Raising Their Payouts and Yields

When you purchase individual stocks, risk is inherit. Sometimes bad things happen to good stocks. Eventually, every investor will hold a stock that falls out of favor and endures a double-digit decline. Understanding this from the onset makes it easier to deal with. To minimize the risk of significant declines, your core portfolio should focus on blue-chip dividend growth stocks. Listed below are select companies that have recently elected to raise their payout and yield by increasing their cash dividends to shareholders:Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (WMT) serves customers and members more than 200 million times per week at 8,970 retail units under 60 different banners in 15 countries. March 3nd the company increased its quarterly dividend 21 percent increase to $0.3650/share. The dividend is... more

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11 Low Beta Dividend Champions With Rising Operating Cash Flow

If you're an income investor, the following list might offer an interesting starting point for your own analysis.Below is a list of dividend champions - companies identified by the DrIP Investing Resource Center as those that have increased dividends for more than 25 consecutive years. From a universe of about 100 of those identified as dividend champions, we found eleven companies that have seen significantly rising operating cash flows during the most recent quarter.Are you looking for income opportunities? If so, this list can offer a very interesting starting point. Look at the data below for guidance.Accounting data sourced from Google Finance, all other data sourced from Finviz.The list has been sorted by the change in operating cash flow.1. Exxon Mobil Corp. (XOM): Major Integrated... more

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Australian Utilities: Over-the-Top Yields From Down Under

In the search for good yields with inflation protection, many investors have neglected to look overseas, and particularly at the lower half of the globe.Australia has a number of utilities that sport tasty yields, well supported by cash flow and mostly adjusted for inflation. Tops in this sector is the Duet Group (DUETF.PK), with a whopping 12.7% payout. As Paul Hogan might say: “Now that’s a yield.” Company Symbols Market Cap. EV/EBITDA Yield Price/Book Main Business APA Group APA.AX APAJF.PK 2.2 Billion 10.3 8.4% 1.6 Gas transmission and distribution Duet Group DUE.AX DUETF.PK 1.4 Billion 8.1 12.7% 0.9 Gas transmission and distribution; electric... more

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Finding Big Dividends in Unusual Places

When looking for outsized dividends, investors typically turn to the old standbys: Utilities, Master Limited Partnerships, Real Estate Investment Trusts and Business Development Companies. I decided to look for dividend opportunities outside of the typical industries. What I found was a restaurant, an apparel manufacturer, a publisher, a technology company, and even a company that deals in collectibles. It is important to note that I am not recommending you run out and buy any of the companies mentioned in this article. It is simply an exercise to show that you can find potentially good investments in places that many investors would never think to look. Of course the key to dividends is having a company with stable or increasing cash flow that can support a long-term stream of payouts... more

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Top 9 Energy Stocks with Great Dividends

The political chaos in North Africa and Middle East caused Brent oil price to hit $110 a barrel for the first time since 2008. Although IMF spokesman David Hawley stated that much of the increase in oil prices through early January reflected increasing global demand as the world economy recovers from the financial crisis; there is a possibility that the retail price per gallon might reach a new record high above $4. Legendary investors George Soros and Jim Rogers are among the several hedge fund managers who are bullish about commodities. T. Boone Pickens has been investing in energy stocks. Boone Pickens is extremely bullish about 10 energy stocks and he added new money in these holdings during the most recent quarter. John Burbank’s Passport Capital is also extremely bullish about... more

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The Best Stocks to Hold Forever

Is there anything worse than buying into a stock that was "sure" to go up a few percent and then holding on and watching the price erode for years? It's gut-wrenching. I've done it, too. I used to trade in and out of risky companies and refused to take a loss, hoping the stock would "come back" someday. Someday didn't usually arrive. But I've reformed: Now I buy for the long term and let the businesses work for me. Allow me to explain and then offer you seven stocks that make an airtight core that can create wealth forever. A simple questionAre you really in the market for the long term? Here's a quick test: "I buy on the assumption that they could close the market the next day and not reopen it for five years." Would you agree or disagree? That's the buying strategy of superinvestor... more

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Highest-Yielding Tech Stocks You'd Actually Want to Own

The power of dividend investing is pretty well-known these days. Higher-yielding stocks tend to offer higher returns over time than low- or no-yield stocks, according to research from Jeremy Siegel and others. In fact, the 20 best-performing survivor stocks from the original S&P 500 in 1957 are all dividend payers. What's more, reinvesting dividends acts as a "bear-market protector and return accelerator," according to Siegel. The extra shares purchased and accumulated at higher dividend yields during down periods act as a protector in falling markets, and these extra shares rising in value turn into a "return accelerator" when prices rise.... more

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