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Carpenter Declares Quarterly Cash Dividend

The Board of Directors of Carpenter Technology Corporation (NYSE: CRS), at its meeting yesterday, declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.18 per share of common stock, payable December 1, 2011, to shareholders of record on October 25, 2011. The ex-dividend date (the date the common stock trades without the dividend) is October 21, 2011.... more

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Stocks Trading Ex-Dividend 10/12: (ABT) (FL) (UDR) (GGP) (BONT)

The following is a list of companies trading ex-dividend October 12th:
Abbott Laboratories (NYSE: ABT), paying 48 cents with a current yield of 3.7%;
Foot Locker, Inc. (NYSE: FL), paying 16.5 cents with a current yield of 3.1%;
UDR, Inc. (NYSE: UDR), paying 20 cents with a current yield of 3.6%;
General Growth Properties Inc. (NYSE: GGP), paying 10 cents with a current yield of 3.3%; and
Bon-Ton Stores Inc. (Nasdaq: BONT), paying 5 cents with a current yield of 4.2%. trading ex-dividend,... more

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Beat The Market By Investing In S&P 500 Dividend Challengers (Part 2)

In a previous article, we provided a list of 30 stocks from David Fish’s Dividend Challengers in the S&P 500 and showed how they have beaten the SPY since the beginning of the year. Dave Fish compiles a complete list of all US stocks that have increased their dividend payout for at least 25 consecutive years, naming them as “Dividend Champions”. “Dividend Challengers” is a separate sub-list of US stocks that have increased their dividend payouts for 5-9 years and are nominees for future Dividend Champions. These lists can be found here. We believe investors should be cautious of the upcoming inflationary environment and pick defensive stocks in near future. We think the Dividend Challengers in the S&P 500 that are able to increase dividends may provide inflation protection with... more

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The Latest on the Highest Dividend Yields in the Market

For new readers, in this series my aim is to check under the hood of the biggest dividends in the market and to keep you updated on the latest and greatest. We will limit ourselves to the biggest 20 dividend yields coming from companies with at least $2 billion in market cap. In our first go-round, we looked at the payout ratio, the most fundamental metric to check for dividend health. In our second report, we looked at recent price movements in this volatile market. In our third report, we looked at recent news for the mortgage REIT industry. Our fourth report highlighted possible opportunities in foreign telecom. And our fifth report focused on master limited partnerships and Nokia news.... more

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How Safe Are These 5 REIT Dividend Yields?

In an economy that is contracting, how safe are the dividends of REIT companies that specialize in the retail, office, and industrial real estate arena. Here we look at five REITs with this question in mind: Lexington Realty Trust Inc (LXP): Shares are trading around $6, as against their 52-week trading range of $5.71to $10.14. At the current market price, the company is capitalized at $947 million. Earnings per share for the last year show a loss of $0.49, It paid a dividend of $0.46 last year (a yield of 7.70%). Lexington only makes a portion of its income through its REIT operations. Its advisory business performed poorly last year, and it is hard to see how this will turn around in the next twelve months. Its shares are trading at the company’s reported book value of $5.98 per... more

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3 Dividend Paying Utilities With Potential Oil And Gas Exploration Upside

Utilities tend to play the roll of safe haven for investors looking for exposure to higher dividends and price stability when the market is going through its wild swings. However, a few utilities have been beaten down as the result of their unregulated businesses. The recent downtrend in oil and gas exploration stocks has had a direct impact on a few utilities with subsidiaries in this industry and may be an opportunity to pick them up on the cheap. Take National Fuel Gas (NFG) for example. Its shares traded in the mid-70s in early July and traded as low as the mid-40s just last week before recovering to trade around 54. The Company's utility segment sells and transports natural gas to more than 728,000 customers in western New York and northwestern Pennsylvania including Buffalo, NY and... more

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Examining The Valuations Of 5 Dividend Consumer Staples

Recently there has been a tremendous amount of fear abound due to the significant volatility in the markets. The 10-year Treasury is currently yielding just over 2%. With these facts in mind, many analysts have been recommending high-quality income stocks that reside in defensive industries. One of these areas is the consumer staples sectors. Consumer staples represent a wide range of industries that manufacture and sell food/beverages, tobacco, prescription drugs and household products. I want to analyze these 5 conglomerates to see if any of them have attractive valuations that encourage investment. The major financial measurements that I will be looking at: Debt to Equity: The debt-to-equity ratio is a leverage ratio indicating the relative proportion of shareholders' equity and... more

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Stocks Trading Ex-Dividend 10/11: (ANH) (SSS) (COV)

The following is a list of companies trading ex-dividend October 11th:
Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation (NYSE: ANH), paying 23 cents with a current yield of 13.4%;
Sovran Self Storage Inc. (NYSE: SSS), paying 45 cents with a current yield of 4.6%;
Covidien plc (NYSE: COV), paying 22.5 cents with a current yield of 2.0%.... more

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8 Stocks That Have Consistently Raised Dividends For 25 Years Or More

As income investors, we can get caught up in yields... almost to a fault. But there is something else you should be studying that could make just as big a difference to your long-term returns: dividend growth. That's because dividend growth can make even lower-yielding stocks into big income producers over time. Take a look below at the income streams from a stock yielding 7% but not growing dividends, versus a 5% yielder that hikes payments an average of 10% a year in seven years. If you held 1,000 shares trading at a $10 share price, then here is the income stream each would produce during one year: In just five years, that 5% yield would actually be worth more than the 7% yield. And just two years later, your income stream would grow to be 27% more than the stock yielding 7%.... more

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Cheap Dividend Stocks From The Diversified Chemicals Industry

Dividend stocks should be a part of everybody’s long-term stock portfolio. Let’s take a look into the major diversified chemicals industry, an industry that I have analyzed by the best yielding dividend stocks. The industry belongs to the basic material sector and is characterized by cyclic price changes. The industry has a total market capitalization of $9.1 trillion, the average P/E ratio is 17.5, P/B ratio 10.1 and the average dividend yield amounts to 3.0%. I screened the industry by stocks with a positive dividend yield and low price-earnings to growth (PEG) ratios. The PEG ratio must be under one in order to discover cheap stocks in terms of growth. Here are the best yielding stocks with lowest PEG ratio: 1. Celanese (CE) has a market capitalization of $5.6 billion,... more

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