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Dividend Stocks: The Seven Percent Solution

For new dividend investors, trying to select which stocks to invest in can be a daunting task. At last check, there were over 3,000 stocks offering dividends of some shape or size. These can range from miniscule dividends like Bank of America’s (BAC) current $.01 per share quarterly dividend, to stocks offering double digit dividend yields like Annaly Capital Management.Given the wide range of investment choices, it’s hard to know which dividend stocks are the best value.... more

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Abbott Laboratories: A Dividend Aristocrat on Sale

Very few companies can match the consistent operating record of Abbott Laboratories (ABT). For more than 120 years, Abbott has demonstrated a durable and sustainable record as a growth company. As a broad-based healthcare company their diversified business strategy has enabled them to consistently generate top-tier performance versus their peers.For calendar 2009, Abbott was once again named to the Standard & Poor's 500 Dividend Aristocrats Index, a feat only 10% of S&P 500 companies have achieved. In February of 2010 Abbott increased their dividend by 11%. This marked the 37th consecutive year of rising dividends, and the 344th consecutive quarterly dividend. On June 11, 2010 they announced another dividend of $0.44, marking the 38th year of increase and the 346 consecutive dividend... more

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Dividend Investing Myths

Many investors ignore dividend investing, because they associate them with boring unexciting investments which are destined to fall into oblivion.Some investors believe that rather than wait for a whole year to collect a 3%-4% dividend, you could make 3-4 % per day in the market trading volatile technology stocks. The fact of the matter is that few if any investors could accurately forecast stock market moves in order to profit from large daily swings in some of the most volatile stocks in the market today. Dividend payments on the other hand are much less volatile than stock prices, which is what makes them ideal for investors who plan to live off their investments. The stability of the payments makes them a reliable source of income in virtually any market, without having to sell a... more

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Regulated Utilities: High-Yielding, Low-Priced Stocks

Big American utilities pay big dividends, some as high as 8% among regulated utilities, and right now they're as cheap, relative to the bond market, as they've been in about a quarter century. If you like investments as income, few people who know the utilities equities better than Morgan Stanley Analyst Greg Gordon. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Greg eloquently and frankly explains the utilities market and offers some picks in the regulated utilities space. Part II will focus on Greg's picks among the deregulated utilities. The Energy Report: Greg, please give our readers an overview of the market for big utilities in the US.... more

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Bagging Bumper Dividends After BP

As you're no doubt aware, 2010 has been an annus horribilus for giant oil producer BP (NYSE: BP). With BP under sustained regulatory and political assault from the U.S. since the tragic accident at its Macondo deep-sea oil well on 20 April, its share price has almost halved. Since April 16, BP shares have crashed 47%. This has sliced close to £60 billion from its market cap and 200 points (4%) from the FTSE 100 index. No BP dividends this year ... BP has agreed to set up a $20 billion (£13.6 billion) escrow account to fund environmental and other claims arising from the Macondo oil spill. In order to pay for this fund, BP's directors have decided to suspend quarterly dividends, including the U.S. $0.14 which was due paid to be yesterday (June 21). In effect, BP's owners -- 39%... more

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6 Dividend Aristocrat Stocks to Consider

In a continued effort to expand the focus of my site's screens and hypothetical portfolios, this article is a second follow-up to an article written in early April focusing on the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats. The S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats index measures the performance of large cap, blue chip companies within the S&P 500 that have followed a policy of increasing dividends every year for at least 25 consecutive years. The current list has 43 constituents and the entire list is available from S&P or on my site. If an investor's portfolio was large enough he or she could consider purchasing the entire list.Alternatively, an investor could invest in the [[SDY]], the SPDR Dividend ETF, which is a variation of the Aristocrats - it seeks to replicate the “High Yield” Dividend Aristocrats... more

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Lincare Holdings: New Dividend Is a Breath of Fresh Air

On Monday afternoon, Lincare Holdings (LNCR) announced that they will begin disbursing some of their cash to shareholders in the form of a 20 cent regular quarterly dividend. The Clearwater, FL company’s primary business is supplying oxygen therapy services and other medical equipment/supplies to mostly elderly patients. The company provides its services to over 750,000 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases such as asthma or emphysema. The company has been on an absolute tear over the last twelve months advancing nearly 130%, and a 3:2 split just took effect last week. The stock has extended that momentum rising 7.5% on heavy volume following the dividend initiation. Lincare received an upgrade from analysts at Deutsche Bank today, and certainly this will make the stock... more

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Prospect Capital Reduces Its Distribution

As we have long expected and predicted, Prospect Capital (ticker: PSEC) has reduced its dividend distribution level. Our skepticism about the company's ability to maintain its policy of ever increasing dividends was based upon the very substantial gap between Prospect's Net Investment Income Per Share and the dividend: 11 cents a share. That's after Prospect harvested many of the benefits of acquiring Patriot Capital at a discount, as well as getting the one time benefit of repricing three loans last quarter. Here's the language from the last Earnings Report which explains this item: During the three months ended March 31, 2010, we repriced our loans to Aircraft Fasteners International, LLC ("AFI"), Prince Mineral Company, Inc. ("Prince") and R-O-M Corporation ("ROM"). The revised terms... more

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Should Gilead Sciences Declare a Dividend?

Investors in Gilead Sciences (GILD) have had quite a run over the past decade. From 1996 through 2008, GILD shares posted gains every single year. During that same 13-year period, the Dow Jones index only posted gains in 8 years. The other 5 years the Dow posted some significant losses. Investors who purchased GILD shares at the beginning of 1996 have experienced a phenomenal 5,922% return. It seemed like the stock could only climb higher each year and the stock split four times from 2001-2006.... more

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A Dozen Dividend Aristocrats Offering Excellent Yields

Most Dividend Aristocrats (with a minimum of 25 consecutive annual dividend increases) are not in the Dow. Below are 12 of the remaining 36 companies, diverse companies which are typically expanding in foreign markets with enormous potential because of large populations. Like Dow Dividend Aristocrats, they have strong financials with excellent long term records. Most have been operating for a century or longer. When yields on short term investments are minimal, these stocks with greater yields are attractive investments.... more