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This Warren Buffett Dividend Stock Just Raised Its Payout Again

Buffett Collects Millions of Dollars in Dividends Every Year From This Little-Known Company
Over the years, Warren Buffett has bought plenty of stocks that shot through the roof. What’s less talked about, though, is that the “Oracle of Omaha” also likes to collect dividend checks.
Last month, Buffett’s company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE: BRK.B) made its quarterly 13-F filing to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Looking at Berkshire’s biggest positions, it’s easy to see that every one of Buffett’s top 10 holdings is a dividend-paying company. (Source: “Form 13F,” United States Securities and Exchange Commission, last accessed September 13, 2018.)
I’m not going to discuss his biggest holdings like... more

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Great Elm Capital Corp: Earn Monthly Dividends With a 10.3% Yield

A Monthly Dividend Stock Most People Have Never Heard Of
When it comes to monthly dividend stocks, most investors would probably think about the real estate sector. Indeed, because tenants have to pay rent on a monthly basis, many real estate investment trusts (REITs) can afford to have a monthly dividend policy.
However, REITs are not the only companies that are capable of returning cash to investors every month. With that in mind, I’m going to tell you about a monthly dividend stock that most people have never heard of: Great Elm Capital Corp (Nasdaq: GECC).
Great Elm Capital is an externally managed business development company (BDC). Under the amended version of the Investment Company Act of 1940, BDCs don’t have to pay income tax at the corporate level,... more

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General Electric: A Dividend Cut Would Be A Positive Development, Eventually

On September 20, 2018, General Electric's (GE) stock was under pressure after a well-known JPMorgan analyst, Stephen Tusa, lowered his price target for the struggling conglomerate from $11 to $10 per share.
GE Price data by YCharts
Mr. Tusa outlined his near- and long-term concerns for GE's Power unit and stated that he is concerned that the company's financial and fundamental risks may not fully be factored into the stock price.
As a long-term shareholder, this downgrade is concerning, especially when you consider the fact that it came from a bear that has consistently been right on his GE calls over the last two years. More importantly, however, Mr. Tusa's investor note instantly brought me back to the thoughts that I outlined in "GE: The Other Shoe... more


Dividend Champion Spotlight: Meredith Corporation

As years go by and technology advances, there is always potential for disruption of a given industry. Media advertising is a great example. Once relying on printed content, technology has taken the industry digital, and caused a lot of adjustments by companies in the process. The media industry has seen a lot of consolidation, as companies have begun to merge to better their abilities to compete and survive. Today's dividend champion spotlight focuses on Meredith Corporation (MDP), whose recent acquisition of Time Inc. gives the company a massive portfolio of household brands. We explore Meredith Corporation to determine if the new-look business is built to thrive in the digital media environment.

Meredith Corporation is a media conglomerate that engages in advertising... more


Bond Yields Climbing: Could The Chinese Weaponize U.S. Debt?

By SchiffGold
Yields have been on the rise this week in the midst of a bond market sell-off. Two-year borrowing costs hit their highest level in a decade on Wednesday. The yield on the 2-year Treasury climbed to 2.816%. Meanwhile, the 10-year Treasury yield hit a four-month high of 3.07%.
What's going on here?
The most obvious reason for falling bond prices and rising yields is the enormous amount of debt the US Treasury is currently dumping on the market. Despite the "strong economy," the US government is borrowing money like it's in the midst of a deep recession. To cover the growing federal deficit, the Treasury Department announced earlier this summer that it would raise $329 billion through credit markets during the July-September period. The borrowing... more


Mitsubishi Electric Announces Dividend Policy for the First Half of Fiscal 2019

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO: 6503) announced today its dividend forecast for the first half (ending September 30, 2018) of the current fiscal year ending March 31, 2019 (fiscal 2019).... more

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Disney's Dividend Growth Is About To Pick Up

The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) has been a somewhat frustrating stock for investors who bought shares this year. The shares have traded in a relatively tight range between about $100 and $110. Though Disney has raised its dividend consistently, income investors aren’t going to salivate over the share’s 1.5% yield. However, taking the longer-term view, Disney’s stock has nearly doubled from five years ago, and investors who bought in 2013, are sitting on an effective yield of almost 2.5%. Disney represents a decent value, and the company has unique competitive advantages. In fact, there are three reasons to believe this long-term run will continue.
$1.5 billion in losses and it’s OK Hulu has been a big topic of conversation since Disney made its original... more

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The Safer High-Yield LNG Play: Hoegh LNG Partners

Investment Thesis Hoegh LNG Partners LP (HMLP) is an extremely safe, high-yielding liquid natural gas investment. Its distribution is well-covered for many years due to long term and it has a strong future growth pipeline.
Company Overview HMLP owns and operates 5 vessels. These are regasification vessels for liquid natural gas - LGN. Currently, HMLP wholly owns 3 of the vessels and owns 50% of two of them with their sponsor. Floating Storage and Regasification units, or FSRUs, are able to ship LNG or - more profitably - re-gasify LNG to be burned for power on land.
Source: HMLP Presentation
HMLP has been actively taking full control of the vessels it jointly owns - allowing them to capture the full profits from them. These vessels are connected to long-term contracts,... more

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A Simple 3 ETF Combo For A Complete Diversified Dividend Portfolio

If you're an investor looking to build a dividend-producing portfolio using ETFs, you'll be happy to know that you have a lot of great options to choose from. There are dozens of 5-star Morningstar-rated dividend ETFs not just from the likes of Vanguard, Schwab (NYSE: SCHW) and BlackRock (NYSE: BLK), but also smaller ETF issuers, such as Invesco, FlexShares and WisdomTree. Better yet, the never-ending fee war in the ETF industry means you can own some of these fantastic funds for as little as 0.10% annually or less.
But constructing a well-rounded dividend ETF portfolio isn't as simple as just picking the funds with the highest ratings or historical returns. Different ETFs employ different strategies for targeting dividends, so it's important to hold a mix of these... more

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Sanchez Midstream Tagged 'Safer' Dividend Follower Favorite Per Stockbroker September Surveys

The FoFa/Ro Selection Process Any dividend-paying stock mentioned in a message, e-mail, or comment to the author is fair game for a listing in this article. Thus, it is possible that only rogues and discontinued or dreadful dividend issues may appear. Lately, readers and other contributors have questioned the intent, purpose, and validity of my daily stock lists. Some readers get upset and know more or better. Best of all, readers catch errors in my data or calculations and warn of pending mergers and acquisitions, Yes, it's all a friendly effort to find more money in safer stocks.
Here are the top gain "Safer" Dividend Follower Favorites & Rogues per closing YChart data September 17, 2018.

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