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Altria: The Biggest Threat To Their Dividend Is Not Cigarette Volumes Or Juul

The questions surrounding the future of Altria's dividend have never been been greater in recent times than now, following a series of negative news pushing their share price down significantly.
Whilst many investors are looking at their cigarette volumes and Juul write-downs, I believe another more serious risk stems from the possibility of a new United States President.
There are several serious candidates that are pushing for a return to 35% federal corporate taxes, which would significantly reduce their earnings.
Naturally, such an outcome eventuating would call into question the sustainability of their dividends.
Whilst it would stretch their ability to cover their dividend payments and remove any short to medium-term growth, they should still be able to maintain... more


Waste Management Announces Cash Dividend

Waste Management, Inc. (NYSE: WM) today announced the declaration of a quarterly cash dividend of $0.545 per share payable March 20, 2020 to stockholders of record on March 6, 2020.... more

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A Victory Lap On 8.3%+ Yielding, Market-Crushing PCI

PCI has outperformed both its sister-fund, PDI, and the S&P 500 since my recommendations in 2016 and 2017. Its high income has grown as investors have seen tremendous capital gains.
Latecomers to the fund have driven its premium to NAV to nearly 10% after years of trading at a discount.
I explain why bears were wrong on this fund and why its potential to outperform remains strong.
Victory laps are tacky and tasteless, but in markets we seek returns rather than dignity, and superior returns only come with accountability. For this reason I must relitigate the bull case for Pimco Dynamic Credit and Mortgage Income Fund (PCI), explain why it has soared since I told investors to not stop buying PCI, and point out why the bears got this one so horribly wrong.
Let’s start by... more

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Granite REIT Declares Distribution for February 2020

Granite Real Estate Investment Trust (“Granite”) (TSX: GRT.UN / NYSE: GRP.U) announced today that its board of trustees has declared a distribution of CAD$0.242 per stapled unit for the month of February 2020. The distribution will be paid by Granite on March 16, 2020 to stapled unitholders of record at the close of trading on February 28, 2020. The stapled units will begin trading on an ex-dividend basis at the opening of trading on Thursday, February 27, 2020 on the Toronto Stock Exchange and on the New York Stock Exchange.... more

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DCP Midstream LP: A Dividend Yield >15%, With Strong Growth Potential

DCP Midstream LP has had impressive results over the past 5 years. The company offers investors a sustainable dividend of >15%, with strong growth potential.
The company has invested ~$3 billion over the past 5 years and generated strong returns. It is working to decrease spending down to sustainable levels by 2021.
Going forward, DCP Midstream LP has a secure dividend, which by itself, is more than enough reason to invest in the company.
DCP Midstream LP (DCP) is a midstream company headquartered in Denver, Colorado. The company, with its market capitalization of more than $4 billion and dividend yield >15%, is one of the highest yield publicly-traded midstream companies. As we'll see throughout this article, the company's recent accomplishments and cash flow strength make... more

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Nuveen Closed-End Fund Declares Post-Reorganization Distribution

Nuveen today announced that the Nuveen Quality Municipal Income Fund (NYSE: NAD) declared a post-reorganization distribution. This distribution follows the pre-reorganization distribution announced on February 4, 2020.... more

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ACCO Brands Corporation Declares Quarterly Dividend

ACCO Brands Corporation (NYSE: ACCO) today announced that its board of directors has declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.065 per share. The dividend will be paid on March 26, 2020, to stockholders of record as of the close of business on March 18, 2020.... more

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Texas Instruments Has Excellent Total Return And 16 Years Of Dividend Increases

Texas Instruments' total return overperformed the Dow average for my 49-month test period by 104.94%, which is great, and the company has a solid growing dividend income.
Texas Instruments has increased its dividend for 16 years in a row and, presently, has a yield of 2.8%, which is above average.
Texas Instruments three-year forward CAGR of 9% is good and will give you good growth with increased earnings from infrastructure and automotive development.
Texas Instruments (TXN) is a buy for the total return investor that wants some growing dividend income. Texas Instruments is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of semiconductors to electronics designers and manufacturers. Texas Instruments has steady growth and has plenty of cash, which it uses to buy bolt-on... more

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Why Cisco Is One Of My Top Dividend Picks For 2020 And Beyond

72% of all software sales are now subscription-based.
Light guidance, which did not include any possible effects from the coronavirus, has weighed on the company.
A 3% dividend hike this past quarter keeps the streak alive but it is far from the double-digit increases investors have become accustomed to.
The company continues to churn strong cash-flows regardless of sales performance as the subscription model yields strong margins.
In early January, I published my Top 3 Dividend Stocks For 2020, and Cisco Systems (CSCO) was one of those picks. In this piece today, I will give you some insight as to why I am confident in CSCO shares for 2020 and beyond. The company is evolving their business, continues to have ultra-strong cash flows, and pays a growing and reliable... more


Dividend Increases: February 8-14, 2020 (Part 2)

In this article series, I provide a weekly summary of dividend increases.
A summary table provides relevant data and key statistics.
Part 2 covers the Dividend Challengers. See Part 1 for coverage of the Dividend Champions and Dividend Contenders.
As a bonus, I include ex-dividend dates for the next two weeks.

I monitor dividend increases for stocks in the Dividend Champions List (CCC list).
The CCC list is separated into three categories based on how long companies have maintained their streak of annually increasing dividends: Champions (25+ years), Contenders (10- 24 years), and Challengers (5-9 years).
In the past week, 29 companies in the CCC list announced dividend increases, including one of the stocks I hold in my portfolio. The following table covers the... more