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Magellan Aerospace Announces Quarterly Dividend

Magellan Aerospace Corporation ("Magellan Aerospace") (TSX: MAL) announced today that its Board of Directors declared a quarterly cash dividend of $0.105 (ten and one-half cents) per share on the Corporation’s common shares. The dividend is payable on September 30, 2020, to stockholders of record at the close of business on September 16, 2020.... more

BusinessWireStock symbol(s): "MAGELLAN AEROSPACE"

Tekla World Healthcare Fund: High Yield, Monster Expense

Seeking AlphaETF Analysis | Healthcare Tekla World Healthcare Fund: High Yield, Monster ExpenseAug. 7, 2020 2:12 PM ET|| About: Tekla World Healthcare Fund (THW), Includes: AZN, AZNCF, JNJ, MRK, NVS, NVSEF, RHHBF, RHHBYby: Michael A. Gayed, CFAMichael A. Gayed, CFA The Lead-Lag ReportAnticipate Corrections and Volatility with Award Winning ResearchSummaryDividend investors may fall in love with Tekla World Healthcare Fund at first sight because of its 9.57% dividend yield and payout consistency.
However, the fund's cash flows are facing rough weather because of its high expense ratio.
An ETF that tracks an Index and has a low expense ratio may be a better choice.
The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease. ― Voltaire
At first... more


WisdomTree U.S. Dividend Growth ETF: A Quality Dividend-And-Growth Play

Seeking AlphaETF AnalysisWisdomTree U.S. Dividend Growth ETF: A Quality Dividend-And-Growth PlayAug. 7, 2020 1:00 PM ET|| About: WisdomTree U.S. Dividend Growth ETF (DGRW), Includes: AAPL, CMCSA, DGRO, DLN, FDVV, MSFTby: Michael A. Gayed, CFAMichael A. Gayed, CFA The Lead-Lag ReportAnticipate Corrections and Volatility with Award Winning ResearchSummaryWisdomTree U.S. Dividend Growth ETF is a high-quality fund that focuses on growth stocks that pay dividends.
The ETF’s price performance has beaten the Nasdaq Dividend Achievers Select Total Return Index since 2014.
I am bullish on this ETF in the long run. Long-term growth investors who are satisfied with a modest dividend yield can consider an investment.
ETFs are fundamentally a technology. They are mechanisms to achieve a... more

SeekingAlphaStock symbol(s): AAPL,CMCSA,DGRO,DLN,FDVV,MSFT

Diageo PLC: Share Selloff Offers Good Entry Opportunity For Long-Term Dividend Investors

Seeking AlphaDividend Ideas | Consumer  | United KingdomDiageo PLC: Share Selloff Offers Good Entry Opportunity For Long-Term Dividend InvestorsAug. 7, 2020 11:46 AM ET|| About: Diageo plc (DEO)by: Alessandro LazzaroAlessandro Lazzaro Value, growth at reasonable price, dividend investing, long-term horizonSummaryDiageo's preliminary 2020 full-year results showed significant impact of COVID-19 on the business.
Shares tumbled as the market digested the negative news.
Although risks remain, Diageo is a solid business with good economics.
The selloff in the company’s shares may offer an attractive entry point.
Investment Thesis
Despite Diageo's (NYSE: DEO) preliminary 2020 results have shown the extent of the damage caused to the company by COVID-19, with sales down... more


Dividend Increases Expected In August 2020

Seeking AlphaDividend Quick PicksDividend Increases Expected In August 2020Aug. 7, 2020 10:01 AM ET|| Includes: AWK, CMI, DOV, FRT, GWW, ITW, K, MO, NDSN, NSC, SJM, SMG, SWK, WBAby: Dividend DiplomatsDividend Diplomats Large-cap, dividend investing, dividend growth investing, valueDividend Diplomats .cls-1{fill:#024999;}SummaryFrom a broader economic standpoint, the coronavirus and the impact of increasing cases continue to dominate the news cycle.
The second quarter GDP results were released and it was eye opening to see GDP shrink by over 30% in a given quarter. It just goes to show just how unprecedented these times truly are.
Still, the stock market continued to climb, as usual, for many of the same reasons it has over the last few months.
Dividend Increases are the... more


GasLog Partners: Collect A 13% Yield While They Deleverage

Seeking AlphaDividend IdeasGasLog Partners: Collect A 13% Yield While They DeleverageAug. 7, 2020 10:05 AM ET|| About: GasLog Partners LP (GLOP), GLOP.PA, GLOP.PB, GLOP.PCby: Daniel ThurechtDaniel Thurecht Long-term horizon, contrarian, oil & gas, industrialsSummaryThe first half of 2020 has been very painful for the unitholders of GasLog Partners who saw their distributions reduced by a massive 78%.
Looking ahead, their prospects seem to offer a very desirable combination of being paid a 13% distribution yield throughout their deleveraging process.
Their ability to reinstate their previous distributions appears solid and could eventuate once their leverage is lowered in three to five years.
Normally their very high leverage and weak liquidity would be quite concerning, but... more


Retirement: Best Time For Dividend Stocks

Seeking AlphaRetirementRetirement: Best Time For Dividend StocksAug. 7, 2020 9:45 AM ET|| Includes: IWD, IWF, IWM, KODK, SPYby: Rida MorwaRida Morwa High Dividend OpportunitiesThe #1 Service for Income Investors and Retirees, 9-10% dividend yield.SummaryMany investors are tempted to chase stocks that run up quickly.
In today's world, it is easy to see which stocks are doing best this second.
Those that run-up quickly, can crash quickly too.
Ever feel like you are buying at the top and selling at the bottom?
Avoid FOMO. Focus on setting your own goals and focus on achieving your own milestones.
Co-produced with Treading Softly
FOMO - "Fear of Missing Out" is a form of anxiety stemming from the belief that others are experiencing something better. In investing, this... more

SeekingAlphaStock symbol(s): IWD,IWF,IWM,KODK,SPY

Canadian All-Star Stocks: Dividend Increases - Week Of Aug. 10

Seeking AlphaDividend Quick Picks | Services  | CanadaCanadian All-Star Stocks: Dividend Increases - Week Of Aug. 10Aug. 7, 2020 9:47 AM ET|| About: Exchange Income Corporation (EIFZF), Includes: KEYUF, RBA, SAPIFby: Mat LitalienMat Litalien Value, Growth, macro, long-term horizonStocktrades.cls-1{fill:#024999;}SummaryCanadian Dividend All-Stars are companies that have raised dividends for at least five consecutive years.
Saputo and Ritchie Bros. Auctionneers both came through for shareholders last week.
Exchange Income Corp is on watch this week.
We are in the middle of earnings season, and once again there are several Canadian Dividend All-Stars scheduled to report earnings. Of those, only one is due to announce a dividend raise.
Before we jump into what to expect this... more

SeekingAlphaStock symbol(s): KEYUF,RBA,SAPIF

Pondering Negative Real Yields And Higher Inflation Forecasts

Seeking AlphaFinancial Advisor | Economy | Market OutlookPondering Negative Real Yields And Higher Inflation ForecastsAug. 7, 2020 8:49 AM ET|| Includes: BIL, DFVL, DFVS, DTUL, DTUS, DTYL, EDV, EGF, FIBR, GBIL, GOVT, GSY, IEF, IEI, PLW, PST, RINF, RISE, SCHO, SCHR, SHV, SHY, TAPR, TBF, TBT, TBX, TLH, TLT, TMF, TMV, TTT, TYBS, TYD, TYO, UBT, UDN, USDU, UST, UUP, VGIT, VGLT, VGSH, VUSTX, ZROZby: James PicernoJames Picerno Macro, economy, long onlySummaryInflation-indexed Treasuries are pricing in higher inflation expectations as real (inflation-adjusted) yields tumble.
In "normal" times, the consensus view would probably advise that one of these trends is misguided.
But in the new world order of the coronavirus crisis, it's timely to ask: Could both of these... more


Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP: 8 High Yields, 5% - 6%

Seeking AlphaDividend Ideas | Utilities  | BermudaBrookfield Infrastructure Partners LP: 8 High Yields, 5% - 6%Aug. 7, 2020 9:15 AM ET|| About: Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P. (BIP)by: Double Dividend StocksDouble Dividend Stocks Hidden Dividend Stocks PlusTarget 5-10% yields backed by solid earnings for better portfolio income.SummaryBIP has six preferred series, yielding 5.7% to 6.2%.
BIP yields 4.6% and BIPC yields 4.1%.
BIP issues a K-1, BIPC issues a 1099.
Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP (BIP) is a global company, based in Bermuda, with utilities, transport, energy, and data infrastructure businesses in North and South America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific.
(BIP site)
Segment Q1-2 2020 Earnings:
The Utilities segment is BIP's biggest segment for... more